April 19

God’s Preperation

How has God been preparing you to do work for him?

I think that God has been preparing me in a few different ways.  Like how he has blessed me so many times, over and over. I am not complaining, I am very grateful for what he has given me. I have a feeling that because of all the blessings God has been preparing me to be a giving person. One of the experiences I have had is when my mom got in her accident, I know I wasn’t there, well I wasn’t even alive yet but by listening to stories told by my parents I know that I am blessed to be living. Because God could have taken my moms life right then, in an instant. But he didn’t and if he had I wouldn’t be here, neither would my two younger siblings or my mom. I thank God for that blessing far more times then I could count! I also think he has given me the gift of working and dealing with younger kids. I absolutely love kids!  I am hoping to get a career with them. I also enjoy working with those with disabilities, like down syndrome. I am loving my life and the many things God has blessed me with. Thanks God. 🙂

February 22


  • 32 years of your life will be you sleeping if you life up to 90 years old.
  • I wonder why teens need 9 hours of sleep?
  • We (being scientists) do not know why we sleep… yet.
February 18

Why is it important that we study christian persecution?

I think that it is important because then we realize that it is good to pray for other people. Also because if we were suffering then we would really enjoy if people cared even a little about us. I am sure that if we didn’t learn about this we would have no idea about anyone being persecuted especially someone with the same believes as us. I feel like all we would pray about is our grandma or someone who has a cold and thats good and all but that only focuses on people near us when there are people like us on the other side of the world suffering in ways we couldn’t imagen.

January 13

Math Project- 8th grade

I did this project with Olivia  and McKenna

Skatepark Barbie

We first started thinking of things that were triangle. One of us mentioned a skate ramp and we stuck with that. I think that our project makes sense and that it works I also think that it could be done in real life. I knew how this worked and I feel like we worked well together. The formula worked well and it made sense.

side A=30 inches

side B= 40 inches

side C= ? inches


November 23

Thoughts about Jesus’ Crucifixion.

I think this was good for us to take a deeper look at how God does things. I think God is great to us and we should share that with other people. I feel like we will never feel the pain Jesus did and I can kind of see why he said the things he did even though I wasn’t feeling what he was feeling. I really liked this lesson it brought me deeper into what he was feeling. I will never know how Jesus felt but I know that this has brought me closer to knowing somewhat of what he felt by what he said.

November 9

God Sightings

I saw God through kids and how they pray, I think it seems like nonsense to us but for them they are saying the best prayer ever said. I kind of like it when they just keep saying “Thank you for my mom and dad, and my brother and sister, and grandpa and grandma…” and they just keep adding on the there ‘thank you’  run-on sentence. 😛  . I also like it when they keep asking for stuff like “I would really like the lego set with the big truck even though I won’t get it I still want it. Oh and thank you for mom and dad, and I want the lego set with the big truck…’ and so on until you have to stop them. Or when they ask to pray before snack but they end up praying for mom and dad again, “Thank you for mom and dad and my brother and sister…”

Thats how I saw God. 🙂




November 2

Thematic Essay

Thematic Essay


The book I chose is “Son” by Lois Lowry. It is the 4th book of The Giver quartet. The book is about a mother in search of her son, who was stolen from her. Claire will stop at nothing to find her son. I think the thesis is; Don’t let others control you.


One of the places in the book where this lesson shows up is where Claire, the main character, feels un-able to save her son from being taken elsewhere because he is not able to function to the community’s standards.   


Another place this lesson shows up is when the antagonist, Trademaster, trades one of the best qualities of people for something they really want. The people he trades with feel like they are under control from his evil spell.


The last place I think this lesson shows up is where Gabe, Claire’s son, has to defeat Trademaster and he has to resist the temptation of his trades. Gabe defeats the Trademaster by using his special power called veer which is where Gabe is able to look into someone’s mind for a few seconds.


I like this book because it is confusing and mysterious. It keeps you turning the pages. I think the lesson is; Don’t let others control you. The book gives you many examples from each perspective of when you let people control you to when you fight the temptation.

October 26

Nitrogen Cycle

The Nitrogen Cycle.
The nitrogen starts in a factory and comes out as nitrogen oxide. It then is in the air and ends up in the rain and lightning. The lightning creates soil nitrates once it hits the ground. The runoff from the nitrates in farming go into a water source. The water with the nitrates in it can get soaked up by the soil around it or the soil could already have the nitrates from the lightning in it. The plants obtain some of the nitrate ions from the soil and water. Animals will eat the plants. The decomposer will break down the animal and soil matter into nitrogen compounds. The nitrogen compounds end up back in the air and the cycle starts over again.


September 18

Descriptive Writing

The flag card reminds me of labor day when my family and I went to my mom’s co-worker’s cottage and hung out with her family. We went to a kids day festival and played games, won raffles, and ate lunch. After that we went swimming in some refreshing lake water. After kayaking we went back to the trailer and hung out with baby Ryan and Tanner the dog. We also husked tiny worm infested corn for dinner… weird and gross. Anyway we ate dinner and after that the kids and Chuck (Chuck is my mom’s co-worker’s husband) enjoyed some peace and quiet, comics and tv while the rest of the group went to buy some jerky. So tons of fun on labor day, sadly it had to end but it was totally fun! 🙂

The suitcase card reminds me of when me and my extended family went to Zehnder’s Splash Village for my grandparents’ anniversary. It was a blast, we were in the waterpark at 9:00am till’ 10:00pm most of the time. The drop slide was like its name, it counts down; 3…2…1…LAUNCH…(3 sec. wait) and you drop down about 20 ft. until you get to the slide part and that takes about 5 sec. and if you are like my dad then you come out and… tidal wave! But if you’re like me… you’re like a needle… no splash. The family slide is a four person slide that takes you down through a turning twisting mess of fun! I went on these slides I could go down… about 100 more times, the drop slide never gets old, and the family slide… you can’t help but scream, laugh, or smile, also get wet! This trip was so fun!

The suitcase also reminds me of when I went to Cran-Hill Ranch with my friend Brooklyn. We were waiting to do worship time and were with our “adopted counselor” Anna. The snack was orange slices and I had told Anna and Brooklyn that I didn’t like oranges. There were tons of oranges so we were allowed to get seconds. Anna got a second orange and started chasing me with it. I panicked and ran away, I started to turn around and could feel Anna getting closer, I also saw Brooklyn in front of me blocking my path. Brooklyn tackled me, so I covered my mouth right away. She now was on top of me and I was fighting to cover my mouth. Brooklyn got my hand off my mouth and attempted to squirt orange juice into my mouth but instead got it all over my face. I was not happy after, my face was all sticky… thankfully the orange juice tasted good. I didn’t tell anyone though… I didn’t want to get tackled again. 🙂

September 18

Theme Writing

24 “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. 25 The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.
I feel like as an 8th grade this verse makes me feel like a stronger leader. I also feel like as a Christian the foundation I have at school will help me in my faith. This verse to me is a great foundation start for my faith as a Christian and for being a leader as an 8th grader at ZCS.

As an 8th grader at ZCS this verse is saying to have a good foundation on God so you will start off with a strong foundation for your faith. I also think it’s saying to have a strong foundation to be a good leader and example for the younger grades at school. Right now we might not be have the perfect foundation to be a good example because we haven’t really been at the top, so we might have only a little foundation in leading others. As we learn to lead others our foundation in that will get stronger. I think we should all try our best to get the best foundation we can on God so we can have a good structure on God for if we go to a public school or even if we go to a christian school. But just having a good foundation in God will give us a good starting point on our faith path.

As a Christian in the world the foundation we get from going to a christian school will give us a great foundation to our faith. There are lots of things to give us a foundation; (Church, youth group, ZCS, others, your parents…). Being a Christian and going to a public high school could be ruff but if you have a strong starting foundation in Him you will have an easier time dealing with harder things. The starting foundation you get from school or from your parents can affect your high school foundation, whether it’s in God or not. I think it’s important to have a strong starting foundation in Christ so you might follow Him forever.

This verse to me is a great foundation start for my faith as a Christian and for being a leader as an 8th grader at ZCS. I want to let you know that I think you should have a good foundation in leadership for 8th grade and have a strong foundation in Christ so you can live your life knowing what He has done for us all.

September 2

What I did this Summer :)

This summer Me and my dad’s side of the family went to Zhender’s Splash Village to celebrate my grandparents 50th anniversary. It was very fun, we went down lots of water slides. One of the slides were a drop slide where you dropped down 20 ft and then went down the rest of the slide. I also went camping in Canada this summer witch was really fun! We went fishing and boating. That was really fun also! 🙂

September 2

New Addition

I really like the new addition cause it has a lot of new things. The new windows and doors for the classrooms are really cool. Also I like the new atmosphere, like we can go and work as we please and have a nice change to things. I like the mixing of homeroom classes. I also enjoy the new work areas. I am glad that we can have the privilege of being in the new addition for our last year here. 🙂

May 28

African Union Day

African Union Day was a day that the 7th grade split into two groups and discussed the conflict in Burundi. As we discussed the issue as the african country we had been researching in our language arts class. When we first got started with the discussing time we had no resolution that we had come up with so the first section we really just came up with an idea of what to share as a resolution. Once we came up with one we shared if wanted and then met up with different groups to possibly work together on the resolution. After that we would work n finalizing the resolution and then shared the final thing with everyone else. We then voted after sharing. Voting was simple we shared, then discussed, then voted on wether to accept or reject the resolution.
What I learned:
I learned that it takes more then sharing your idea and then just voting on it to get a final resolution, which wasn’t really a surprise to me that I thought it would be shorter then it actually was.
My favorite Thing:
I liked being the person finding people to support and sharing what we wanted others to support.
What I wished was different:
I wish that we didn’t have to worry about who your ‘friends’ are as country’s and if you could have them support you or support them.

May 5


I think that the whites and blacks became closer to friends as Nelson Mandela pushed to become closer to the whites.

They all were working together on things; like winning the rugby world cup. Also everything seemed to change from whites and blacks with a wall between them and now we see no wall.

Anyway…thats it so… bye?

March 20

2 weeks. Math Games!!

I liked how we were in groups and working together. I liked how we were making games and not just boring old math. I liked how we incorporated math into making carnival games.

I learned a bit on how we shouldn’t make a carnival game so its super easy but also not to make it super hard so no one could finish the task. It needs to have probability to it other wise they would always win or always lose.

I think that I sort of learned some math but not tons and I sort of didn’t get it. I wished I would have learned more about probability, even though I didn’t. I think that this is fun and all, but I didn’t learn mush about “math”.

Our Game

Our Game

February 9

Mexico- Google Maps

Here are a few similarities and differences between some places in Zeeland and some places in Mexico:

1. In Mexico most signs are in spanish, where in Zeeland most signs are in english.
2.In Mexico the houses have flat roofs, where in Zeeland most houses have pointed roofs.
3. In Mexico in most areas they have a good amount of trees, where in Zeeland we don’t have as many trees in all areas.

1. In Zeeland we have lots of nice cars and in Mexico they have lots of nice cars too.
2. In Zeeland we have a good amount of nice cities and so does Mexico.
3. In Zeeland we have BIG buildings and so does Mexico.

January 27

Amazon Land Use

I am with the Native Amazonians, partly because they aren’t doing anything to hurt the basin and because they are just wanting nothing more than to keep their way of life. I see that as a good thing. Also, going against my own group, the settlers could have just went strait to the native amazonians for farming and homes! I would have and I wish they would have in the past, cause then they would have a place to live, a place to farm, and they would be keeping the basin the way it was, and by doing that you would be protecting the forest! All of that is good!

I have a few things I’d like to point out, one; most of the groups, not including the native amazonians, are mainly hurting the forest by cutting down trees, by wanting to slow down the growth of the forest, by building houses and fences, by putting animals that shouldn’t be there, and there are many more, but I mean most people who have been forced there or come to produce money from the recourses there or whatever! They all come for a reason, and most of their reasons have caused bad things, and if we want to keep this beautiful and amazing forest here, we need to look into what we are doing and what it could cause and if we don’t then that could cause death of many, many living, breathing things, including what we use to breath, and I don’t think we want that!
-A Settler.

January 16

Bible Exam: Part 1

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Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 8.46.31 AM

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 8.30.38 PM


P.S. I may have gotten some messed up, if so then please comment and let me know. Thanks Abby.