October 22

Math Mix-up, and fix.

Once I made a mistake: I made a huge mistake and made a whole problem wrong and it was a tiny little mix-up, I forgot to convert ft. to in. Ha! My dad ended up helping me and he told me this, If you are converting ft. to in. then you / 12 and if you are converting in. to ft. then you x 12. I have struggled with this a while, but I finally got it right. I haven’t really had a real life connection, so I will just tell you a time where I messed up, so I was baby sitting for some people from church, and the kids were watching a movie, their mom and dad wanted them in bed at 8:00 (p.m.). The kids really wanted to watch the kids really wanted to watch one specific part of the movie, so, it being my first time, I let them, and they ended up getting to bed at like 9:17 (p.m.), oops… he,yeah, thankfully I didn’t get in trouble, so ha!

October 8

Wheelchair Rugby by Abby B.

Into the gym
In your chair
On the tape goes
Onto the court
Regarding fear
Around the court
Into the game
Opposite team preparing
Despite angry glaring faces
The game starts
Shouts everywhere
With the ball
Down the court
To the goal
As you approach “BANG!”
Amid the chaos you fall
Beyond the goal line
Inside is joy
As you win.