May 28

African Union Day

African Union Day was a day that the 7th grade split into two groups and discussed the conflict in Burundi. As we discussed the issue as the african country we had been researching in our language arts class. When we first got started with the discussing time we had no resolution that we had come up with so the first section we really just came up with an idea of what to share as a resolution. Once we came up with one we shared if wanted and then met up with different groups to possibly work together on the resolution. After that we would work n finalizing the resolution and then shared the final thing with everyone else. We then voted after sharing. Voting was simple we shared, then discussed, then voted on wether to accept or reject the resolution.
What I learned:
I learned that it takes more then sharing your idea and then just voting on it to get a final resolution, which wasn’t really a surprise to me that I thought it would be shorter then it actually was.
My favorite Thing:
I liked being the person finding people to support and sharing what we wanted others to support.
What I wished was different:
I wish that we didn’t have to worry about who your ‘friends’ are as country’s and if you could have them support you or support them.

May 5


I think that the whites and blacks became closer to friends as Nelson Mandela pushed to become closer to the whites.

They all were working together on things; like winning the rugby world cup. Also everything seemed to change from whites and blacks with a wall between them and now we see no wall.

Anyway…thats it so… bye?