November 23

Thoughts about Jesus’ Crucifixion.

I think this was good for us to take a deeper look at how God does things. I think God is great to us and we should share that with other people. I feel like we will never feel the pain Jesus did and I can kind of see why he said the things he did even though I wasn’t feeling what he was feeling. I really liked this lesson it brought me deeper into what he was feeling. I will never know how Jesus felt but I know that this has brought me closer to knowing somewhat of what he felt by what he said.

November 9

God Sightings

I saw God through kids and how they pray, I think it seems like nonsense to us but for them they are saying the best prayer ever said. I kind of like it when they just keep saying “Thank you for my mom and dad, and my brother and sister, and grandpa and grandma…” and they just keep adding on the there ‘thank you’  run-on sentence. 😛  . I also like it when they keep asking for stuff like “I would really like the lego set with the big truck even though I won’t get it I still want it. Oh and thank you for mom and dad, and I want the lego set with the big truck…’ and so on until you have to stop them. Or when they ask to pray before snack but they end up praying for mom and dad again, “Thank you for mom and dad and my brother and sister…”

Thats how I saw God. 🙂




November 2

Thematic Essay

Thematic Essay


The book I chose is “Son” by Lois Lowry. It is the 4th book of The Giver quartet. The book is about a mother in search of her son, who was stolen from her. Claire will stop at nothing to find her son. I think the thesis is; Don’t let others control you.


One of the places in the book where this lesson shows up is where Claire, the main character, feels un-able to save her son from being taken elsewhere because he is not able to function to the community’s standards.   


Another place this lesson shows up is when the antagonist, Trademaster, trades one of the best qualities of people for something they really want. The people he trades with feel like they are under control from his evil spell.


The last place I think this lesson shows up is where Gabe, Claire’s son, has to defeat Trademaster and he has to resist the temptation of his trades. Gabe defeats the Trademaster by using his special power called veer which is where Gabe is able to look into someone’s mind for a few seconds.


I like this book because it is confusing and mysterious. It keeps you turning the pages. I think the lesson is; Don’t let others control you. The book gives you many examples from each perspective of when you let people control you to when you fight the temptation.