April 19

God’s Preperation

How has God been preparing you to do work for him?

I think that God has been preparing me in a few different ways.  Like how he has blessed me so many times, over and over. I am not complaining, I am very grateful for what he has given me. I have a feeling that because of all the blessings God has been preparing me to be a giving person. One of the experiences I have had is when my mom got in her accident, I know I wasn’t there, well I wasn’t even alive yet but by listening to stories told by my parents I know that I am blessed to be living. Because God could have taken my moms life right then, in an instant. But he didn’t and if he had I wouldn’t be here, neither would my two younger siblings or my mom. I thank God for that blessing far more times then I could count! I also think he has given me the gift of working and dealing with younger kids. I absolutely love kids!  I am hoping to get a career with them. I also enjoy working with those with disabilities, like down syndrome. I am loving my life and the many things God has blessed me with. Thanks God. 🙂

February 18

Why is it important that we study christian persecution?

I think that it is important because then we realize that it is good to pray for other people. Also because if we were suffering then we would really enjoy if people cared even a little about us. I am sure that if we didn’t learn about this we would have no idea about anyone being persecuted especially someone with the same believes as us. I feel like all we would pray about is our grandma or someone who has a cold and thats good and all but that only focuses on people near us when there are people like us on the other side of the world suffering in ways we couldn’t imagen.