God at Work

God prepared Paul for His ministry by giving him gifts such as being able to speak multiple languages, having a good teacher, and learning about Christ from a young age. God has also been preparing me to work for Him. One way that He is preparing me is by giving me the gift of being able to be bilingual and speak Spanish and English. One way that I have used that gift is by being able to talk to some of the older people in my church who speak almost only Spanish and have a very limited amount of English. I can talk to them about their lives and seeing the joy on their faces being able to talk to someone who can understand them is wonderful. I love being able to use a gift that God has given me, to be able to use it to cause joy to people and see how God preparing me to do His work.

Christian Persecution

DeBlecourt, 1

Andrew DeBlecourt

Mrs. Roskamp

LA, 8C

9 March 2017


Each month, 322 Christians are martyred for their faith, 214 Christian properties are destroyed most of which are churches, and 722 different forms of violence are committed against Christians including arrests, abuse, and beatings. Christians have always been persecuted since way back in the time of Jesus, and they are still being persecuted today in countries such as Yemen; however there are still things we can do to help these persecuted Christians.


Christians have been persecuted for many, many years. In fact, the oldest recordings of Christian persecution date all the way back to when Jesus was alive. The emperor Nero, who was introduced as emperor when he was only 16, was the first person to persecute the Christians. But there have been other emperors who have persecuted Christians as well. Domitian, Commodus, Trajan Decius, and Septimius Severus were all brutally mean to Christians and persecuted them as well. A few of the ways that these emperors persecuted Christians were by doing things such as letting dogs eat them, crucifying them and using them as torches, and also beating them and burning them alive. They would also make fun of them and blame them for any problems that happened in Rome (like Hitler with the Jews). But the reason that these evil emperors killed and persecuted the Christians was not because they just wanted to or to have some fun (although that was sometimes the cause), it was because they would deny the gods of Rome and their teaching and they would also refuse the emperor’s demands and would not bow down to them. But although the emperors did

this to try to cut out the Christians and to get rid of all Christianity, they built it up instead, even though they did not know it. The persecution actually helped Christianity grow as more and more people heard about it through all of the martyrs and beatings that were going on and more people continued to believe in Christ. But even though the emperors were brutal and persecution was awful, Christianity grew and more and more people continued to accept Christ as their Savior. Christianity grew even through the evil of this world.

But persecution still happens today and is still really bad in some places such as Yemen. There are around 25,000 Christians in Yemen, which may sound like a lot, but the population in Yemen is around 27.4 million, which means Christianity is about 1% of the countries religion. The main religion in Yemen is Islam which is about 97% of the country’s population, which means that for Christians there is a lot of outside pressure to follow Islam because that is by far the main religion. There are a few other smaller religions in Yemen, and they target Christians as well. Yemen ranks #9 as the 9th most persecuted country in the world and they face intense persecution from terrorist groups and from Islamic radicals. There is also the war that Christians have to worry about. The war which is a vicious civil war, already has ½ the country on the brink of starvation and ⅓ of the people without a job. But to make things even harder for Christians, through the chaos of the war terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda target Christians and use the war to bring terror on Christians. But it is also even dangerous for Christians to meet

together because if they are caught they can be arrested, beaten or even killed. It is also very hard for them to get a bible because if they are caught with a bible it will be taken away and they will be imprisoned immediately. One story about the awful persecution that goes on in Yemen is that a Christian leader named Father Uzhannalil was kidnapped from his home and is being held hostage. The kidnappers, a group who was part of Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility and said that the only reason they kidnapped him was because he was a Christian. But even through the midst of all this persecution, and even though they have to meet secretly, Christians in Yemen are staying strong in their faith and are sticking to Christ even through all these problems.


But people today are still helping Christians. There are many people who have realized all of these problems and have stepped up to do something about it. The best way to help and the way that most people help is by praying. Praying is something that has existed since the beginning of the world. Many people pray for things such as help and protection for persecuted Christians, that more people would come to know Christ, and that Christians would impact the lives of others around them. A lot of people also do volunteer work. Volunteering does not necessarily mean becoming a missionary and going to preach the Gospel in other countries, although that is one way. Other ways that you can volunteer are by sending cards, and raising awareness about what is going on in persecuted countries. People also can donate money which goes to things such as giving food and clothes to Christians who have been abused, and it goes to supporting churches in other countries where they do not have enough money. One other way that you can help is by becoming an advocate. You can raise awareness about what is going on in other countries and how we can help them. You can also sign petitions that help people in power learn about what is going on and how they can make a difference and that they have the power to do things about it. You can also contact leaders of countries where there is a lot of persecution, and ask them to give Christians a chance and to have some freedom of religion. But even though there is a lot of danger involved, people today are still raising awareness and are helping Christians.


Christians have always been persecuted since way back in the time of Jesus, and they are still being persecuted today in countries such as Yemen; however there are still things we can do to help these persecuted Christians. What I can do to help is that I can raise awareness like I am doing in the Bible project so that others will know about the struggles that Christians are facing and how we can help them. But through everything that you can do, prayer is the most impactful and if we pray and ask God to help the persecuted Christians. Those are some of the most impactful things that you can do to help persecuted Christians.


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Mount Fuji

Our volcano was Mount Fuji. Mount Fuji is a composite volcano so for our lava flow and pyroclastic flow we used orange and black lava. We also used black cotton balls for ash, and we used a pop bottle with orange water for our magma chamber. Overall, our group got it done on time and it looked just like we wanted it to look like.

Spaghetti Tower

Our spaghetti tower was the way we wanted to design it besides the fact that it started tilting towards the top. The marshmallows made it a lot stronger because they hardened and held the spaghetti sticks in place. The sticks also worked really well if we tried to break them, which helped because then we could break them to help them fit the spot where they needed to be. But the reason it didn’t work is because it tilted too much and when the marshmallows hardened it stuck that way. But we worked good together as a team and finished our tower on time and on budget.

Metaphor Writing

Andrew DeBlecourt

Mrs. Roskamp

LA, 8C

14 November 2016


I am a jungle. A jungle has lots of things that people know about, but other things that people don’t know as much about. I also have lots of things that people know about and many things that only a few people know about me. The first way I am like a jungle is because I am like a monkey. I have a very happy personality and I like to have a lot of fun. I can also get into trouble sometimes and I also like to talk a lot and be loud. Other people in my life are also animals. Some of them are like snakes because they deceive me and are not very trustworthy. Others are like elephants monkeys because they are my friends and are happy and we have a lot of fun together. Others are like ants because it is my classmates and we work hard to get our work done. My family is like crocodiles because my parents protect me and my siblings.

Another way I am like a jungle is because I am like the vines. The vines are the bad things in my life like sins. After a while, they grow so tall that they overwhelm me. They start out very small, and after I do them once they continue to grow and grow and they keep on growing. That is when I need to ask Jesus into my life to help me get rid of those vines. Otherwise, those vines will continue to soak up water and keep on growing taller and taller just like my sins that keep growing bigger and bigger.

The third way I am like a jungle is because I am like the emergent layer. I show off the skills that God has given me and those are the talents that I am really good at and that I like to show off. That layer is also the layer that I use to hide some of the vines. One thing that I need to get better at is that I need to prune my emergent layer and make it so that the things that I show off are building up to others and are good and loving to God. I need to prune my emergent layer on the outside, but also on the inside.

The final way I am like a jungle is because I am like a the jungle floor. There are a lot of things down there, some of which I am scared to share and others which are painful to talk about and bring sadness to me. I need to be ready that if someone opens up the emergent layer, I can be able to share those things on the jungle floor with others because they will be able to help and help me be able to handle those things and my feeling about them a lot better. I also need to share those things with God and not try to hide from Him like Adam and Eve did in the jungle. I may not be proud of what is on the jungle floor but I need to be ready to share that with others so that they can help me carry my burden.

Thematic Writing

Andrew DeBlecourt

Mrs. Roskamp

LA, 8C

19 October 2016

Trials of Apollo

The Trials of Apollo, is a book that talks about many different people, with many different attributes that are unique to them. It talks about Apollo, who is blamed for starting the war with the god Gaea. He is banished to Earth where he has to live like a human being with none of his godly powers. He meets up with Meg and he has to go on a quest to bring back the hidden oracle and save the gods from being destroyed. It shows how friendships and help can come in the unique of circumstances.

One conflict in this book is when Apollo gets sent down to Earth and he has none of his earthly powers. The reason that he is sent down to Earth is because he is blamed for the whole war with the goddess Gaea and her army of giants. His father, Zeus, puts all the blame on him (even though it was really not him) and banishes him to Earth without any of his godly powers, which also means that he is mortal and can die at any moment. This conflict relates to the theme because Apollo makes a lot of unique friends that help him along and help him get to Camp Half-Blood like Percy Jackson and Meg.

Another conflict that Apollo faces is when he has to get to Camp Half-Blood from the ants den and he has no way to get there quickly. Then, like the theme says, he finds some very unique friends who come and help him out because he is in a lot of trouble. The friends are giant ants, who live right next to where the Grove of Dodona is located (which is where they were).  He goes into the the den and comes out with the ants, who then fly them over to Camp Half-Blood so that they can defeat the giant statue and save the Camp.

It shows how friendships and help can come in the unique of circumstances.  In conclusion, I think that the author of this book, Rick Riordan, is trying to show how friendships are very helpful, but also how even if someone does something wrong to you, you should still forgive them and be willing to help them. This story is very entertaining and very exciting, and Rick Riordan is a really good author.

Chain Lab


For our chain project we used a lot of different materials that we used. First we used straws and pipe cleaners tied together to make it very tight. Then we wrapped paper around it to make it even stronger. We also used tape and rubber bands to strengthen the end of it to hold more weight. Overall, I think that our chain is going to be good and hold a lot of weight.

Names of Jesus

This week in bible we have been studying different names of Jesus. My name was The Good Shepherd. That means that He is always with us and is always watching over us. I think that it is a cool name because there are shepherds here on Earth and it gives us a visual example. It is a really cool name for Jesus.