Social Studies

1.  Describe how you feel about Parliament and the king.

I feel that the king is not being fair because he does not listen to our reasons that we give him and makes dumb rules and taxes that hurt just us Patriots and help the British and their Loyalists to get more money, food and shelter and the taxes and rules are because King George thinks we are rebelling but we are really just trying to show him our opinions on the taxes and rules but he will not let us show him.

2. Describe a grievance, or complaint, you have.

My complaint is that they allowed total British strangers to come into my house for shelter and food so now we only have one bedroom and they each get their own and they take our money to buy the food they want and leave us with not nearly enough money for food. That rotten King George and his rules and taxes.

3.  Support your other two sentences with a core democratic value or political idea.

I will not buy any of that rotten taxed British tea until they take away that tax and let us Patriots show the king our ideas and so he gives us freedom of speech to tell him.

The French and Indian War

The three things I found interesting about this paper are…

1. The French allowed George Washington and his men to return to there homes in Virginia.

2. That both the French and the British both enlisted Indians in there army and Britain did it just because the French did it.

3. That Franklin Roosevelt thought it would take more than the Indians on the French side to defeat France when Britain had much more money and could pay more people to enlist in their army.