Ready or Not here comes America

We have been waiting a long time for this moment. We have almost won our independence but do not know what to do with it. That is about to change. For you people who have almost no clue what is going on right now [which is pretty bad] what is happening is that we colonists felt like now that we had fought for our own country to be free that we should not fight but have peace.

That is why America wrote the Declaration of Independence and adopted and printed it to state that we are our own country. It has been happening for a while now, since June and July [especially July 4] and is now August. But it is about to end, many people have been working very hard on it for example Richard Henry Lee [who came up with the idea] Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, George Washington, all of America and of course the person who wrote most of it Thomas Jefferson. Everyone is asking why waste all this time. The answer is…

To make America a free country. Soon all these representitives will come out of the assembly hall in Pennselvania as a free country after defeating Britain.

For more info wait for the next report on Ready or Not here comes America.