1st Person Narrative

I’m at school finally!

For the past 5 years I have been taught at home by my mother. But know I am at school, a real school! I get to learn literature, arithmetic, and reading. I also get to learn music, and gymnastics and I can’t wait until I am old enough to be in the army and begin training (I really want to kill some people). But I don’t like that the tutors charge so much money. My mother can barely afford to send me to school right now and the prices to go to school just get higher as I grow older. I love school and wish I could keep going.  My mother is now very happy because she can finally get more work done around the house, but it annoys her that she cannot go out on the streets alone to get her supplies for weaving. My father was no help because every day he was part of the Council of the 500 and was part of the Assembly and he was gone every-day discussing politics. and now he is away at war. I like that we have a democracy but I don’t like that all these people meet every day (including my father). My mother is thinking of marrying again (I think she likes one of the slaves because she has just brought him his freedom and has been hanging out a lot with him) because she cannot get anything done and cannot trade her goods (especially clothes and jewelry) because she is not allowed to go outside alone and she hates making the slaves do everything because she believes that the slaves are treated unfairly and should be free like others and women should also be able to do that. She especially didn’t like that the slaves had to work so hard like working in silver mines where they could die.  Whenever my mother gets in that mood I tend to avoid her because she is scary when she gets like that. But other than that I really enjoy my life and enjoy playing with my friends, learning new things every day at school, and helping my mom make things well at home. But I really do hope that she will get her wish and that her and her slaves could be free and be declared citizens. That would make my life and her life just a little happier and then we could have a better life. But I really do enjoy my life in Athens!

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  1. I like the way you explained really how the city Athens works and makes the reader fell like they are in the writers story

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