Thematic Writing

Andrew DeBlecourt

Mrs. Roskamp

LA, 8C

19 October 2016

Trials of Apollo

The Trials of Apollo, is a book that talks about many different people, with many different attributes that are unique to them. It talks about Apollo, who is blamed for starting the war with the god Gaea. He is banished to Earth where he has to live like a human being with none of his godly powers. He meets up with Meg and he has to go on a quest to bring back the hidden oracle and save the gods from being destroyed. It shows how friendships and help can come in the unique of circumstances.

One conflict in this book is when Apollo gets sent down to Earth and he has none of his earthly powers. The reason that he is sent down to Earth is because he is blamed for the whole war with the goddess Gaea and her army of giants. His father, Zeus, puts all the blame on him (even though it was really not him) and banishes him to Earth without any of his godly powers, which also means that he is mortal and can die at any moment. This conflict relates to the theme because Apollo makes a lot of unique friends that help him along and help him get to Camp Half-Blood like Percy Jackson and Meg.

Another conflict that Apollo faces is when he has to get to Camp Half-Blood from the ants den and he has no way to get there quickly. Then, like the theme says, he finds some very unique friends who come and help him out because he is in a lot of trouble. The friends are giant ants, who live right next to where the Grove of Dodona is located (which is where they were).  He goes into the the den and comes out with the ants, who then fly them over to Camp Half-Blood so that they can defeat the giant statue and save the Camp.

It shows how friendships and help can come in the unique of circumstances.  In conclusion, I think that the author of this book, Rick Riordan, is trying to show how friendships are very helpful, but also how even if someone does something wrong to you, you should still forgive them and be willing to help them. This story is very entertaining and very exciting, and Rick Riordan is a really good author.

Chain Lab


For our chain project we used a lot of different materials that we used. First we used straws and pipe cleaners tied together to make it very tight. Then we wrapped paper around it to make it even stronger. We also used tape and rubber bands to strengthen the end of it to hold more weight. Overall, I think that our chain is going to be good and hold a lot of weight.

Names of Jesus

This week in bible we have been studying different names of Jesus. My name was The Good Shepherd. That means that He is always with us and is always watching over us. I think that it is a cool name because there are shepherds here on Earth and it gives us a visual example. It is a really cool name for Jesus.

Theme Writing

Andrew DeBlecourt

Mrs. Roskamp

LA, 8C

14 September 2016


Colossians 3:17

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.


This years theme about “Selfless” is a good theme for me because it applies to me in a bunch of different ways. I really like this theme because it helps remind me to be selfless in whatever I do. I need to be selfless in sports, at home, and at school. I need to act in a way that people can see that I am selfless. It reminds me that everything that I do I have to think of others and be selfless. I can apply this theme to my life as an 8th grader at ZCS and to my life in the community and in the world.

This years theme can apply to my life here at ZCS. Here at Zeeland Christian I can apply this theme to many aspects in my life. In sports, I can apply it to the way that I play. When I play against other schools, I can show that I am selfless not by like letting them win, but by playing with a christian like attitude and whether I win or lose, I can keep God as my sole focus and always represent Him in the way that I play.  At school I can also show selflessness in the way that I act and interact with people. For example, when I see someone that I could hang out with, I can show selflessness by realizing that and going to hang out and talk to that person. I can also realize that there are people like Theo who I can see that they can not do things that some of us can, and I can see that and just sit and talk to him at a recess instead of hanging out with my friends and that is a way that I can show selflessness. I can also be helpful and if any needs help with any help with school work or need to borrow something I can be selfless and lend them it or help them if they need help.

This years theme also applies to my life outside of school. Outside of school there are many opportunities for me to show selflessness to the other people around me. One example in which I can show it is at home. At home, I can be selfless by letting my sisters have first choice in things that normally I would want first choice in. I could also be selfless by volunteering to do a job that I do not like to do or a job that is someone else’s job and I could be selfless and help them with it. I could also be selfless by keeping a good attitude and being a positive influence to the people around me. Outside of my house, I can be selfless in the way that other people that I do and do not know, by talking to them and being polite, as well as helping people that I do or do not know in little things, like picking something up for them that they dropped or small thing like that. Even little thing that I do can make people see that I try to act selfless, and it does not only have to be to people that I do know, but also to people that I do not even know who they are.

I can apply this theme to my life as an 8th grader at ZCS and to my life in the community and in the world. I think that this verse is really going to help me in my christian faith and I am going to be able to show my selflessness and I will learn new ways to show selflessness. I think this verse will help me show selflessness and increase my relationship with God.