Themes of the Old Teastament


In the old testament God gave names to people. All the names were important and had a meaning, And all the the names God gives people have a purpose just like we have these days, like one name that has a purpose is Abraham and it means (Father of Many). God had two names one being ÉL and the other being YAHWEH. The name ÉL means creator and powerful, and YAHWEH means relationship and Personal. I chose an image of a birth certificate because it proves who you really are, and no one else can change that. Also I chose a birth certificate because it show all the information about¸ you and what makes you special and all the characteristics to how God made you.I learned that God gives you a name for a purpose, from the characteristics to your talents and skills.


Back in the days Israel used to have a reputation for struggling and abandoning God. The definition of Israel even means ‘Struggles with God’. Just like Israel God knows we will have conflict and doubt, we question God when something does not go are way and then we just get mad. I picked a picture of a lamp, because when something bad happens, we question God of why that would happen, even tho there is a simple fix. We struggle of thinking of why God would do that to us, even tho we’re the ones to blame for our actions.I learned that we should not just blame God for everything bad we do, we have to take responsibility for our actions. We can use this in life when we make a mistake, we can stay calm and help the situation.

Something Is Rotten

We all know about Israel and what they said were needs, in the northern part of Israel they had one lousy king after another lousy king, at the time Ahab was the king and he was a pretty bad king he worshiped the god baal and built a temple to honor baal. That’s when God sent Elijah to mount carmel, after mt carmel people still didn’t change. I chose a picture of a Mansion because it shows how caught up we are in things we don’t need, and how greedy people can be by trying to impress other people. I learned you don’t need to be caught up in stuff that will make you more popular, and you should focus on the stuff you already have and to be thankful for all the stuff you have.

Sinai Law

In the old testament God created the 10 commandments with moses, and that story and the 2 plaques show how we can live in covenant with God. Like one commandment do not idol, we always break because we have other things that most people usually spend more time with, and that’s the sad truth especially in our generation with Phones,TV’s and Video Games we spend more time with those thing than we do with God. I chose a bullet proof vest because it is designed to protect police officers and army patol ETC… from bullets just like we need to be protected from the things that are idolizing us. I learned that spending too much time with other things will eventually draw us away from what important in life.

Sent to the Promise Land

In the bible there were many times were God told someone to follow me and then lead them on a journey. One of those being when Moses lead the people of Israel. In the bible when God gave you a covenant and you obeyed his covenant you would be blessed, but if you disobeyed there would be consequences. And the Israelites when they needed something, God gave them what they needed. I chose a picture of Google maps because it shows are sense of direction (God’s way), and we trust it to save us in times of crisis just like we require God in times of crisis. I learned you need to trust God, because he will make the right decision for you and lead you on the path of life.

A Savior

People make lots of mistakes, and for the people of the bible… they needed a new covenant since they repeatedly couldn’t keep the original. That shows how irresponsible we are nw and the old days, we break the covenant and don’t follow the covenant and that shows how we want to live with God. After that covenants were not written on tablets but on human hearts. Later God gave Jeremiah a covenant to give to the people of israel, based on Grace and Hope that was fulfilled with Jesus. I chose a picture of the world because God created the world to be filled with grace and hope just like all the covenants God give to the people. I learned that God is forgiving, after we broke the covenant he gave us new ones, after we break those he puts the covenants in your hearts.


In the bible there are many times where someone was sold or born into slavery, but the two big stories ar Moses and Joseph. Moses was born into slavery and leads Israel out of Egypt, and Joseph was sold into slavery by his family and helps his family survive during the famine. The story of Joseph his brothers intended it to be bad but it turned out good. For Joseph they were jealous that his dad loved him the most, so they did bad to him. And for people in the world they were mistreated because they have no choice. I chose a picture of a Rhinoceros because just like slaves they have no choice, they can’t not any do thing about it, there becoming extinct because of humans when they did not do anything just like the slaves. I learned that sometimes things won’t go really good for you, but you should try t make the best out of it, just like Joseph and Moses.

Slide to Destruction

The story of Israel with their troubles with a king, keeps on going. The northern kingdom being Israel did not have one decent king but their neighbors the South Kingdom being Judah had two decent kings. The story of Israel shows how greedy we can be to want something we already have a Great almighty king. All the people of Israel and Judah both sined and made bad decisions. Israel worshiped the god baal, meanwhile the Assyrians scattered them. Judah broke covenants, worshiped idols and the Exile in the book of Hebrew. I chose a picture of a Video Game, because just like the Israelites they were greedy and wanted a king just like when we have a Video game and we want the new one that just came out and popular. I learned that you should be thankful for what you already have, do not be greedy because that can cause problems.

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