Homework 3/24/20

Homework for tomorrow:
Math Online- Practice division, multiplication and fractions 20 minutes Freckles (Class code: NAP354) https://student.freckle.com/#assignments/fact-practice/141708319/session
Book Math- Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHxsIyddBKc to help you with some concepts. Answer pages 215, 216 y 217. (You can not see the numbers very clearly, however, you can use your math book and follow)

Writing- Describe your family with details, what they do, what they like etc… (more instructions for the studens in google classroom)

Razkids- 20 minutes listen to the reading (Always in Spanish) www.kidsa-z.com
Brainbreak- Jump Skip Counting ( Do this between each subject. Count by fives, eights and tens while jumping with each count)
(optional) Art activities from MRS. Groothuis http://blogs.zcs.org/lgroothuis

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