Tarea 3/31

Good Evening Padres,
I hope you all had time to go outside and enjoy this beautiful weather. 🙂
Here is the homework for tomorrow:
Math: The student will practice fractions, adding and subtracting mix numbers and changing mix numbers to fractions. The pages down below is the homework for tomorrow, and in the very last page you will find the answers. Please encourage your child to do their work and after they finished they can look at the answers. They don’t have to print these pages they can use another paper to just show there work and write the answers.
Razkids: 20 minutes listen to the reading in Spanish. www.kidsa-z.com Teacher Username: adelgado24
FlipGrid: Here are the instructions https://shorts.flipgrid.com/watch/8883175271432227 Here is the link so they can record there videos. https://flipgrid.com/preguntademate
Writing: They have to read a short story and answer some comprehension questions. The assignment is in Google Classroom.
Have a great night! 🙂

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