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Volcano-Shattered Precipice Volcano



This volcano that Trinity, Leah and I made, is a composite volcano, and its called Shattered Precipice, and the reality volcano of this, is Mauna Kea in Hawaii which is a dormant volcano and hasn’t erupted in long time.

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God’s Preparation

How has God been preparing you to do work for him?

I think God has prepared me in many different ways. I’ve been working with kids at my church, and playing my ukulele for others and singing as well. I like to play my ukulele for people, especially sometimes after school when I’m bored and I entertain other people. I also love to work with kids, they are so cute and fun! The games they love to play and things they try and do warm my heart. I also think God has prepared me for maybe the pastoral ministry, because I always kind of speak my mind about either life or God. Sometimes I wonder if I could actually go to a seminary, because I kind of already have my whole future planned out.

Some of my gifts and abilities, are music and creativity. I love to create memories by making a scrapbook or just up-cycling different things. Also I love to explore and be outdoors, but you can’t forget the nice camera! Being outdoors with my camera especially is something I love. Hiking and taking pictures of things you see puts the whole world or other thing in perspective. As you can already tell, I love photography and that is because you can capture God’s beauty and treasure it. I have gotten quite a good amount of pictures that are simple, plain, and visuals of places/things others are just like “Oh, yea I guess thats cool,” and they don’t see the beauty in it, which ruins it all in the first place. And lastly but not least, I love to write! I am currently writing three books, of three different genres, but they are no done yet.

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Christian Persecution

My country is India, and they have a lot more persecution than I thought they would. Their most popular religions, are Buddhism and Hinduism. There is only a 2.3% of christians IN India. People all around the world don’t think too hard of where persecution is taking place, because a lot of the unknown places is where it happens.


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Somethings I found interesting while watching TED Talk’s sleep thing, is that sleep is important and that it should be taking it seriously. Also that During the night, we get reenergized and that a certain part of our brain works better at night.

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Spaghetti Tower

One thing that went well, is that we didn’t break any noodles and that we only had a little trouble, but other than that, it was all well.

One thing that didn’t go well, is that the marshmallows at the top and the top of the tower didn’t really work out as we wanted it to.

My favorite part was the presentation, when we put it on the earthquake simulator, and to see if an egg would break.

My least favorite part was how much everything was. I think it was all to expensive.

Photo on 2-9-16 at 11.00 AM

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Mystery Book

Mystery of the Broken Hotel.

Enjoy 🙂

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Why is it important we study Christian persecution?

I think it is important to study Christian persecution, because we need to stay “plugged in” to events happening around the world. We all need to learn about it, and just pray that the people who persecute just stop. They are doing it, and for what reason?

We need to learn to learn about it, because it is also a really serious topic. People get hurt, and even die because of this problem. We need to put a stop to it, or things will get ugly.

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Ideal Church vs. Early Church

My ideal church, would be quite simple. I would have a bagel/coffee shop, comfier chairs than pews, Mr. Ray Vander Laan as a pastor, a children’s service in another room, children’s choir, and a fun recreation room with hover boards, a trampoline, laser tag, and different sports.

The early church was a lot more simpler. They loved being together, had sincere hearts, shared everything, they put God above everything else, they had communion, they gave to all who needed, and they were very committed.

These churches are very well quite different. My ideal church is more glamorous yet simple. I still want to keep the church very holy. The early church was very very traditional and very simple. They came everyday even.

I like both of these churches. I love how they both have differences, but yet are still have one thing in common: Worshiping God.

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Thoughts on Jesus’ Crucifixion

What I think on Jesus’ crucifixion is, that he died for our sins so we didn’t have to die for ourselves. The last 7 words he said, were very holy. Like it says in John 3:16: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”  He loved us so much, he gave his ONLY son to die for us so we didn’t have to die.

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God Sightings

A God sighting this weekend, is with my family and friends as they all helped me celebrate my 14th birthday and I saw God through them, because they are all a blessing to me for all these 14 years. Even if they didn’t know me for ALL 14 years, it was so much fun to celebrate with them.

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Thematic Essay

Abby Goodyke

Mrs. Roskamp

LA, 8A

19 October 2015


Thematic Essay


The book that I chose is Harry Potter. Harry Potter has a lot of lessons based on friendship, family and life. How first of all, Voldemort killed his parents, then tried to kill him, and something made that plan fail. Then he goes and lives with his Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia and their son Dudley Dursley. They treat him like garbage and make him live under a cupboard. He also never knew he was a wizard, and doesn’t even know who his parents are. One day, he got the mail for Uncle Vernon and there was a letter for him. He never gets mail, so he came back in then Dudley found out about it and gave it to Uncle Vernon and he flipped it over and saw the Hogwarts crest, he was mad and then they were ignoring it, then over the next few days, and he demands they go far away. Then they end up at a lighthouse in the middle of nowhere. At midnight, there was a big CRASH and BANG. A big furry giant came into the lighthouse and said “Happy Birthday Harry!” Harry was speechless, scared and confused. The giant introduced himself as Hagrid the gamekeeper at Hogwarts and he was thinking Harry read the letter. Then HAgrid found out that the Dursleys didn’t tell him a word, and was furious. Hagrid immediately got Harry ready to go shopping for school supplies in Diagon Alley and they have a tiny adventure there. Then Harry had to wait a whole month to go to Hogwarts and he met good friends and bad ones, but they are suspicious about something going on, so then they investigate and find out that they are storing the sorcerer’s stone, and Voldemort is back and tries to kill Harry again, but failed.

My thesis is, he has humility through everything and he stays courageous.


A theme of Harry Potter, is humility. He is humble when he is living with the mean, cruel Dursleys. After long, terrible years, he is patient with the Dursleys and everyone around him. THe Dursleys made him feel not loved at all, and yell at him all the time. Even when he gains fortune, like for example, when he meets Ron Weasley on the train, Ron has hand-me down everything. Robe, pet, wand and clothes. His family didn’t have a lot of money. When Ron brought homemade sandwiches on the the train as a snack, Harry has quite a fortune from his parents, so he bought some goodies for him and Ron.

When he gains fame, he does not change. He isn’t being poise or bragging on the train, because he hopes he can live up to his reputation. Unlike Draco Malfoy, who thinks he is better than everyone because he is pureblood, rich and shows achievements. Because of Voldemort, he is special since he couldn’t kill him. Everyone thinks that’s amazing, it really is, but he is still loyal to Ron, Hermione, Hagrid and his studies during his fame. Although all the mysteries around Hogwarts amuse him, he is still poise, wise and patient, like good ol’ Dumbledore.


His fame gave him confidence and bravery for many adventures in his 7 years at Hogwarts. He also has the patience with the teachers and students who dislike him, he is still and patient through humility. Also, when Harry has a gift for Quidditch, his reaction is not to boast in his superstar abilities, but to practice more and more than before. When Harry breaks the Quidditch records by catching the golden snitch in the first few minutes of the game, he does not stop to appreciate the roar of the crowd, but he rushes off.


The conclusion of Harry Potter, is that he stayed true to himself and his friends during times of trial with humility. He was brave and confident in all of his years, with help on his side with all the professors, students and friends. He stayed to himself and never boasted. Never boasted when he was picked on the Quidditch team, and whenever his friends chose him.

His central thesis was humility through all occasions.

My opinion of the book, is that it was very well written. The author really did well with continuing the story and showing the time, place and emotions. I believe that J.K Rowling should write more books, not just simply on Harry Potter, but with other things. Maybe things that are more current. I’ve always thought “How did they invent that game?” or “How did they make up names and backstories for a bunch of characters?” This series is definitely one of my favorites and I definitely recommend it.

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God Sightings

A God sighting I had this weekend, was in the weather and in the lunar eclipse. I stayed up until 10:00 just to see it, because it wouldn’t happen for another 18 years and it was so cool. Even though it was cloudy, I still saw it.  Of course the weather. I can’t wait until it gets colder, the leaves change, long sleeves and boots. 🙂

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Theme Writing

Abby Goodyke

Mrs. Roskamp


16 September 2015


Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like the wise man who built his house on the rock.

The rain came down the streams rose and the winds blew and beat on that house yet it did not fall for it had its foundation on the rock.

Matthew 7:24-25


Being an 8th grader is fun. There are a lot more opportunities like being a small group leader or on worship team. It’s fun because some 6th grade girls in my small group are all around me and I love it. I love working with kids because they have so much energy and it’s very contagious. I’m very creative and I love using that in many ways. Photography, Small Group, Middle school chapel, class and home.  

Being a Christian in the world can be scary. Christians all around the world are being persecuted just for their religion and think about World War 2. Someday I hope to be a missionary and travel the world and talk about God. Like it says in Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” I will delight in the Lord by being a missionary around the world.


“Built on the rock” is now a huge part of life because I think of it all the time at school, church, home or on the go.

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New Addition

This year, the new addition to Zeeland Christian School is complete. It has many new study spaces, classrooms and well more rooms. It has new, spacious rooms with removable walls plus new chairs and seating. Some have sinks and countertops with nice, big windows. Also with new fresh beginnings.

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Apartheid en Sudáfrica fue un partido racista en 1948 y 1994. También ocurrió después de la Segunda Guerra Mundial por el Partido Nacional Africano. Desde los años 1950, una serie de sublevaciones populares y las protestas fueron resueltas con la prohibición de la oposición y el encarcelamiento de arranques de cinta “antiapartheid”.

Quién soy?

Me encanta aprender sobre estos países, porque algún día me encantaría ser un misionero y viajar el mundo para difundir la palabra de Dios. También yo pienso en MI amiga Grace Boersma en Lesotho, trabajando en Beautiful Gate.

Quién es El?

Dios es todopoderoso, poderoso y demasiado bueno, más increíble. Yo creo que él quería que nosotros aprendemos sobre África y su conflicto. Especialmente con el apartheid y la forma en que era tan cruel con las personas, las personas afroamericanas, con buenos trabajos.Photo on 6-3-15 at 9.42 AM

Quién somos?

Somos provechosos, el cuidar, loco, salvaje, cuidadoso. Pero total amamos a dios y en otro. Todos ayudamos hacia fuera con nuestros amigos en las Filipinas, la colada de coche con $10,000 y para caminar en los pies de los de octavo grado.

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La Unión Africana

Burundi, República de Burundi, es un país en Sudáfrica. En Burundi, hay tensión entre la mayoría de los Hutu y los Tutsi. Burundi también tiene una de los peores economías del mundo.  La gente del hutu y del tutsi han vivido en Burundi por lo menos quinientos años. Miles de Burundeses han huido a países vecindarios que ahora son refugiados.

Burundi es similar a Ruanda porque Ruanda tiene tensión étnico también. Burundi tambien tenia una guerra de civil por 12 años, porque el presidente es refugiado porque la PNB per cápita más baja en el mundo-$300 por año. También el presidente Pierre Nkurunziza quiere un tercer termino de presidental.

En mi opinion, el presidente de Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza, no debe ser presidente más. El necesita tener a otros políticos para ser presidente. Personas necesitan tener confianza en otros personas y sus ideas.


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Daughter of Jeanne

Who loves traveling, reading and photography

Who loves volleyball, golf and shopping

Who dislikes vegetables

Who is afraid of spiders, snakes and bugs

Who would to get a cat, go to France and Japan

Who won a golf tournament

Who lives in Zeeland, Michigan



Taylor Swift

Who was the fifth

So see you later

and don’t be a hater!







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Desigualdad Espacial

Yo pienso que los barrios son muy diferentes de todos los barrios de Mexico. Unos barrios tienen personas ricas y unos tienen personas pobres. 94% de personas en un barrio tenian espacio verde.  Muchas barrios tambien tienen muchos agentes de policia, como 1,300 agentes de policias en solo 1 barrio.

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