Our gifts from God

There are a lot of gifts God has given me but I am going to talk about just two. One of the gifts God has given me is the ability to drive. I have been told by very many people that I am a great driver and pluse I have grown up behind the wheel of a lot of vehicles. My second gift that i feel God has given me is Football. Football is a sport that I will always love. There is a guy na,ed Gary Howe, He is a football coach for middle school Football at Holland Christian. What he does is he will go down to jails and play football with some of the inmates just so that they have something to do. Those are some of the gifts God has Given me.

science boat

photo-on-9-9-16-at-12-31-pmIn science class we made small wind propelled boats. My group consisted of Caleb.H, Thomas.D, and Austin.l thats me. Our boat is made with a styrofoam bottom wrapped in tin foil and a paper sail. Also we added 4 straw stabilizers. On our first trial we tested out at 3rd fastest in the grade and we got 2nd in our class. we still haven’t done our 2nd trial but hopefully it is faster.


Over the summer my family went to Montana. We did a lot of hiking. We got to see lots of wildlife. We saw about 7 moose and we saw a grizzly bear. After that we started to head back and my mom saw a mountain lion on the side of the road. I got to learn how to golf. I went on a mission trip in Chicago. It was fun because we got to meet a lot of cool people. There was one guy who kept giving us nicknames. That was part of my summer.

Kenya refuge debate Questions and answers

  1. Q.What is the main problem in Kenya in your mind

A. I feel that the core problem is that kenya does not have the space or resorces to provide

2. Q. Do you feel like they addressed yesterday.

A. I do feel like they addressed yesterday Because they had a answer for a lot of things exept some of the things they were going to do recuired lots of space and recouses

3. Q. Biggest challenge

I think the biggest challenge for Kenya was finding a relistic solution to the issue.

4. Q. What did you enjoy or get out of this opportunity

A. I feel that I got what I needed to get what it is like to be in such a debate. I hope that I will get to do another one aventually.