Month: February 2014

Reflecting as a learner

1. Content

Lately we’ve been learning about earthquakes and how they form in science. I learned that they occur when two plates in the earth called tectonic plates rub past each other. This is called transform. I thought it was pretty cool that these plates grow at the same rate your fingernails grow! We also learned that when the tectonic plates meet each other and are touching it is called convergent and when the plates are growing in opposite directions it is called divergent. We have also learned about Pangea. This is a certain theory that at some point in history all of the continents were together as one but over time they were separated, looking at the map this totally made sense and I thought it was amazing!

2. Skills

A skill I’ve been working on lately is working in groups. I still have some work to do, but I think that once I have it down, it will be very useful in a lot of ways. Like for work someday I’ll have to learn to work with everyone.


  1. How I learn best
  2. I work best individually, like in math when I do the work by my self or with one person but most times it is difficult for me to work in groups because I like to take charge and do things my way. Working in groups for Bible class right now is sort of frustrating for me because there are some people in my group who don’t want to or choose not to participate and so that makes me think I can just do it all myself and then I get overwhelmed. But I think it’s been going better in our groups for Egypt because our group works really well together and I think we all do a good job working together and sharing the work. I think it just has a lot to do with who I work with and I have to become more able to work with everyone.

Egypt Survey

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