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Juan 20: 11-18 ¿Porqué Debe Saber Todo el Mundo que Jesús ha resucitado?

Juan 20:11-18

11 pero María se quedó afuera, llorando junto al sepulcro. Mientras lloraba, se inclinó para mirar dentro del sepulcro, 12 y vio a dos ángeles vestidos de blanco, sentados donde había estado el cuerpo de Jesús, uno a la cabecera y otro a los pies.

13 —¿Por qué lloras, mujer? —le preguntaron los ángeles.

—Es que se han llevado a mi Señor, y no sé dónde lo han puesto —les respondió.

14 Apenas dijo esto, volvió la mirada y allí vio a Jesús de pie, aunque no sabía que era él. 15 Jesús le dijo:

—¿Por qué lloras, mujer? ¿A quién buscas?

Ella, pensando que se trataba del que cuidaba el huerto, le dijo:

—Señor, si usted se lo ha llevado, dígame dónde lo ha puesto, y yo iré por él.

16 —María —le dijo Jesús.

Ella se volvió y exclamó:

—¡Raboni! (que en arameo significa: Maestro).

17 —Suéltame, porque todavía no he vuelto al Padre. Ve más bien a mis hermanos y diles: “Vuelvo a mi Padre, que es Padre de ustedes; a mi Dios, que es Dios de ustedes.”

18 María Magdalena fue a darles la noticia a los discípulos. «¡He visto al Señor!», exclamaba, y les contaba lo que él le había dicho.

Todo el mundo debe saber que Jesús ha resucitado porque nos ayuda creer en Él. Imaginar que Jesús resucitó de la muerte es casi imaginable, pero imagina cuan diferente sería este historia, la Biblia, ó nuestras vidas si no lo había pasado! Nadie creería! Cuando Jesús resucitó, Él venció la muerte y cumplió todas las profecías del antiguo testamento. Creo que como cristianos sabiendo que somos pecadores y que Jesús nos perdona es importante, pero creo que sabiendo que Jesús ha resucitado es más importante. Si Él no lo hubiera hecho, no habría otro motivo para vivir porque no tendríamos esperanza. Imagínese la historia sin la resurrección, imagínese siendo uno de las personas que escuchó las mentiras de Pilato que los discípulos le robaron a Jesús. Tenemos que agradecerle ha Dios por este regalo hermoso, pero también tenemos que compartir la historia verdad…Jesús ha RESUCITADO!!!!!!!! No hay motivo para la vida sin este promesa.

Serve and Skate

On Valentines Day Zeeland Christian’s middle school had a special event called serve and skate. This was an all day event that started with chapel. In chapel that morning we talked about leveling ourselves like Christ did because that’s what he calls us to do. After chapel, we broke up into our small groups and left school to go and serve. We served up until lunch and then went out to eat. After this, the middle school met at the skating rink to skate for the rest of the day.

I am in Mrs. Roskamp’s small group. We decided to go serve at Ditto. Ditto is a second hand store where people can donate their clothes and things they don’t want anymore for others to come and buy at lower price. ZCS is very grateful to this store because they donate their profit to ZCS families so that each person can have $200 off their tuition. Our group cleaned windows, washed shelves, organized toys, sorted clothes, made cards for the volunteers who worked there, and more. After serving at Ditto until lunch our small group went to Culver’s for lunch and then went skating.

That day was a really good experience for me because it went so well with our school’s theme for the year of “Go.” It reminded me that God calls us to “go” and serve others in a Christ like manner. I am grateful I had the opportunity to do that in our community.

Reading Response

February 27, 2014

I recently read the book Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis. This book is about a young high school girl who feels Gods calling for her to go serve him in Uganda. After struggling with the idea, her parents decide to let her go, but her mom accompanies her. When she gets to Uganda she falls in love with the country and decides she must stay longer and longer, until eventually she ends up living there. Although her parents really wanted her to attend college she decides to listen to God’s call and stay in Uganda to serve. Katie taught kindergarten, started an organization to help kids who can’t afford school and serves just about anyone she can. She even ends up adopting 14 girls! Later she decides that she must please her earthly father as well as her heavenly Father because thats what He commands us, so she ends up taking a semester of college for nursing school but she misses Uganda so much she couldn’t wait to go back.  She struggles with the fact that where she grew up is so blessed compared to where other people are living in the world. She describes that in Uganda she feels at home for real because she is doing God’s call and is closer to him. In Tennessee she feels farther away from God and struggles with the fact that half the world has more than it needs and the other doesn’t have enough.

Near the end of the book one of Katies adopted girls named Jane’s birth mom shows up and decides she want her daughter back after abandoning her for four years. Katie describes this as “Practically ripping her heart out having to give a girl who’s been promised to have a forever mommy back to the one whose abandoned her” this is an example of a hyperbole because it’s an exaggeration as tough as it would be to give a child away. Each time in the book Katie adopt another girls she describes their personalities. Once she adopted Jane she says “Jane is also my like my little songbird”. This is an example of a simile because Jane may sing a lot but she is a human being and not a song bird. Another example is when Katie was treating seven little kids living in an abandoned house down the street and she says “Then, it hit me like a brick, these kids need a mom.” Because a brick didn’t actually hit her when she realized they needed a mom.

This book has really impacted me because by the way Katie is so dependent on God, the book has really drawn me closer to Him and taught me how to lean on him through everything as well as her connections to scripture. This book also made me more thankful after hearing about the living condition of these people on the other side of the world. It hurt me to hear about how there are two year olds and younger living in places like these that have experienced more pain and hurt than I or most people I know will ever experience in a lifetime. This book has also helped me to look differently at life. I strongly admire the way that Katie explains and accepts the poverty and sin of the world. Lately, that has been something I have also been questioning God about-the brokenness of the world. The way she also levels and humbles herself to the way she serves really connected me more to the understanding of the our theme for the school year of “Go”. I feel very strongly about this book and pray that God will help me to see the way he would like me to serve him. I would definitely recommend this book to all!


Egypt Project

In the past month or so, our grade was given an assignment to do on Egypt. We were put into groups and our groups were given two different characteristics of civilization. We then researched these characteristics (ancient and modern) in social studies class for a while. We then had to make exhibits for each one of these characteristics that were later part of an Egypt museum our grade made. While we researched in social studies class, we also made a museum survey in math that we had different grades throughout the school take and we read a book called “The Egypt Game” in language arts. I really enjoyed doing all of these, but I especially enjoyed researching in social studies and learning such cool things about Egypt! I was put into a group with Nicole Funkes, Noah VandenBrink, and Jay Shrouger. Our group was given the characteristics of ancient and modern religion and art. For our Exhibits we made an interactive game for the process of mummification, we had pictures of jewelry from ancient Egypt along with beads and string for people to make jewelry with, slide shows, posters, and much much more. For me, was also a lot of fun to make the exhibits. I learned tons from this project as well as had a lot of fun, it was a great experience.

Here are pictures of our exhibits for the Egypt museum:)Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 1.48.53 PMScreen Shot 2014-03-08 at 1.48.04 PM

Los Últimos Días de Jesús

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