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Newsletter - #8 - November 3
Friday was a beautiful day to be at ZCS! Our classrooms and halls were FULL of your parents and it was so good! We enjoyed having them in our classroom and showing them around our school. Thank you for your coordinating and for helping make this day (More)
Newsletter - #7 - October 19
This week was one of the best so far! We had a wonderful time on our field trip! Your children were an absolute pleasure, and I will take them anywhere. They were great listeners, respectful to the adults and teachers, and were troopers in the cold w (More)
Newsletter - #6 - October 12
Hello! It was a great week to be a kindergartner! We had a great time at the all school chapel on Tuesday morning. It is so powerful to sing with all the ZCS students! God is good! We also enjoyed our first Up in Lights friend, Parker! It was w (More)
Newsletter - #5 - September 29
Hello! I pray that you each had a nice change of pace yesterday with a day away from school. It was so rewarding and fulfilling to spend a day with ZCS and Holland Christian staff doing some professional development. These days are always good for t (More)
Newsletter - #4 - September 22
We've had another wonderful week in kindergarten. It seems the summer weather likes us a lot. Your kids have been troopers despite the warm and stormy weather. There are lots of details today in this post. Happy reading! 🙂 Your child brought home (More)
Newsletter - #3 - September 14
Hello! We survived our first five day week of kindergarten! Boy am I thankful for the first two 4 day weeks that helped us to build some stamina! I am so proud of your kindergartners and their hard work this week. We are continuing to work hard in (More)
Newsletter - #2 - September 7
We survived another week of kindergarten! This week started warm and we were SO thankful for the cooler weather to finish off the week. I am so proud of your children, they are worked so hard to learn all about kindergarten this week. This week we (More)
Newsletter - #1 - August 30
Hello! It is hard to believe that this weekend we change the calendar to September! We have survived our first week of kindergarten! I am so proud of each of your kindergarteners! I know they are all exhausted, but it has been such a good week. We (More)
Welcome to Our Blog!
You found us! I am so happy you are here. 🙂 I will be filling the tabs above with helpful links for you to use throughout this year. Please be sure to subscribe (by typing your e-mail in below) to the blog so that you are notified when I po (More)
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