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My Summer Vacation
In June I went on vacation with Grandparent's on my Step-Mom's side. We went tubing and swimming. It was a lot of fun. On July 13-14 I went camping with my church. While I was camping my Step-Mom gave birth to my 1 month baby brother Benjamin Dale Mu (More)
Zeeland Christian Divided Michigan v.s. Michigan State
Park Z
Park Z is a Sketch Comedy Group made by some 6th Graders if you want more info: (More)
How to Get into The Christmas Spirit (More)
The Story of a Roman Soldier
Hi, I’m Felix. I am a roman soldier. I was just hired. I have a wife and two kids. I really don’t want to die in battle for the sake of my family. The first job they put me on was arresting Jesus. I don’t  know who this guy is or why he is getting ar (More)
Spanish Country
My Spanish Country is Peru! (More)
La capital es Lima. Los colores de Peru es Rojo y Blanco.  Es bandera de Peru. Continetente es Sur America. Los Oceanos cercanos es Oceano Pacifico. Los paises es E (More)
Peru 2
Pasatiempos en Peru Las canicas El Trompo El Juego de las ligas El Juego de hilo Es Estatuas Comidas populares en Peru El Cau-Cau Causa a la limeña. Tres tipos de ceviche peruano. (More)
Peru 3
Personas de Peru. Jean Carlos Gamarra es taekwondo mastro. Jean es 40 anos. Jean cumplanos es 23 de Marzo. More)
Peru 4
La hora de la escuela es ocho de la manana. La hora de la escuela es dos de la tarde. La hora de comida es ounce de la manana. Peru pasan la clase de comunicacion. Peru pasan la clase de matematcas. Peru pasan la clase de ciencies.More)
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