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November 19 - 23
5th Social Studies This week we will continue to talk about the Southern Colonies of the New World We will also begin talking about religious freedom and the Pilgrims English Specific Skill: No ESS this week due to Thanksgiving Sp (More)
November 12 - 16
5th Social Studies Last week we discussed the Spanish settlement in the Americas. This week we will focus on the English settlement and the development of the Southern Colonies. Click on the 5th grade tab on my blog for some PBL presentat (More)
November 5 - 9
5th Social Studies We will be switching gears and beginning a unit covering Colonization and Settlement of the Americas English Specific Skill: Subject-verb agreement Spelling: Yellow Group: Sort 16, short -e and long -e sounds (More)
October 29 - November 2
5th Social Studies Tuesday we will have a few parent volunteers coming into give feedback on presentations. Thursday students will be presenting to the King/Queen! Overall, this project has been great. Students have been learning how to i (More)
October 22 - 26
5th Social Studies Thank you parents who volunteered to help us out for the PBL! I really appreciate you! We will be continuing project work time this week and getting ready for our practice presentations the following week. English Speci (More)
October 15 - 19
5th Social Studies Our Exploration PBL is off to a great start! The creative and thoughtful ideas that your students are developing with their group is beyond incredible! We will continue this project through October! I still need one more p (More)
October 8-12
5th Social Studies We will be starting our Exploration PBL this week. If you are curious what they will be working through, here is a copy of the explanation: More)
October 1-5
5th Social Studies Our PBL has been pushed back a week, but if there are any parents interested in coming in during the last week of October to give feedback, please email me! This week we will be looking at African history and how this impa (More)
September 24-28
5th Social Studies This week we will be wrapping up our lessons to begin a PBL starting the first week of October! More information to come on this. Our focus this week is Scandinavian exploration of the Atlantic ocean and across. We will le (More)
September 17-21
5th Social Studies This week we are comparing Southwest and Northwest region Native Americans of the 1500s. We will be looking at the geography of the regions and adaptations that the Native Americans made because of geography. We will also (More)
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