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Theme 8- A Savior
Gods brand new covenant through Jesus, Makes heaven come to this broken world that I live in. The picture I chose Is a picture of a flashlight in a dark room. Jesus is (More)
Theme 7- Slide to destruction
This part of the bible is in repeat. Israel/Judah sins, prophets challenge and sometimes the people come back to the lord. If they don't then punishment happens. They get attacked by another county but since God is not with them they lose and get bro (More)
Theme 6- Something is rotten
In this theme, Kings want more power and more wealth. So they disobey God and worship other gods. God sends prophets who try to bring the people back to God. M (More)
Theme 5- Salute to a king
There are two types of kings, Nagids (representative of God) and Meleks (war kings.) The people of Isreal wanted a warrior king but God wanted a Nagid. The picture (More)
Theme 4- Sent to a promised land
When the Israelites were going into the promised land they had to Trust Joshua and God. I chose this picture of Israel just to show how long they had to walk (More)
Theme 3- Call
  God is calling us to use our gifts to spread the news.  Calling is how we respond to Gods covenant promises. like how He was calling Abraham Issac and Jacob. I a (More)
Theme 2- Covenant
   There are two different types of covenants conditional - If you stick to your side then I will stick to mine kind of thing. Unconditional - NO MADER WHAT! We (More)
Theme 1- Names
Names are very important. Everyone's name means something. Mine means YAHWEY is salvation. I think that is really cool, that my name means that God saves us. Names in (More)
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