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Distance Learning Reflection
My week has been pretty laid back and boring. After i'm finished with school at about lunch I get real bored and dont know what to do. Our family has been trying to play a game every night though. And that gives me something to do. Also, my dog is al (More)
Mountain Film Festival
        I experienced a very fun trip on the dunes in the winter. I am on the dunes a lot but not during the winter or the month of March. Even though it was raining on the hike in was still quite fun because it was the true outdoors. In the true out (More)
Themes of the Old Testament
Names  In the Bible, names were very important. Not only did the people have names with a lot of meaning behind them but they also had special names for God. Two very popular names that were used for God was Yahweh (YA wey) and Elohim. Yahweh (More)
The Story of a Roman Soldier
Hi, I’m Felix. I am a roman soldier. I was just hired. I have a wife and two kids. I really don’t want to die in battle for the sake of my family. The first job they put me on was arresting Jesus. I don’t  know who this guy is or why he is getting ar (More)
Themes of the Old Testament
NOTE! Mrs. Z not all sound bites are in yet and I am adding them really soon.   Salute to the King In the Old Testament, the Israelites were very s (More)
Themes of the Old Testament
Theme: Names Names were very important back in the Old Testament, people had certain names for a reason. In the Old Testament, the Israelites used a few different names for God such as Elohim which means Creator because God is the creator. The oth (More)
How the Reformation effected my beliefs
The roman catholic church did not obey God. If Martin Luther hadn't of standed up we probaly would all be going to hell. Martin Luther helped the translatation of the bible to many more launguages. We can now believe that Jesus rules (or the bible) a (More)
God's Faithfullness
God shows his faithfulness in a lot of ways. Like one time my grandma broke leg. She had to get a service dog. Thankfully she is okay and that is what matters. Injuries and Illnesses happen quite a bit. Sometimes even bringing them to their death. Al (More)
Why I am part of the New Covenant
I am a part of the new covenant, I am still trying to bond with God more and I am still working on my sins. But I have accepted my life to Jesus in all my ways. I may still sin a lot but I am working on that also. I am also trying to pray more and tr (More)
Issac's Persepective (Genisis 12)
(Note: Please remember this blog is written in Issac's perspective of the story) One day I was in the camp with my mom and dad when my dad said we were going to sacrifice a animal on an altar. So we packed the wood and the knife and started to hik (More)
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