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Jesús es la salvación
Solo puedes tener salvación con Jesus es el fuente, Él es quien te acoge, Él es quien te cuide de todo malo y te protege. En él todo crece Si no crees.. No lo veras. Lo veras si lo crees. Quizá quieres creer en el mundo pero son (More)
God at Work
Throughout his entire life, God "used," or sorta built up and prepared Paul for his life in the ministry. Similar to Paul, God is preparing me for something bigger in later life. Whether it be ministry or something different, I don't yet know. Some o (More)
Names of Jesus
This week in Bible we have been studying the different "Names of Jesus". My name for Jesus was "Lord." The Hebrew word for God given to Moses was YHWH. The Jews thought this name was too sacred to be said out loud so, they used another word “Adonai”- (More)
God Sightings
I saw God this weekend through singing at my choir concert for West Michigan Children's Choir and how God has giving me the talent to sing. (More)
God sightings!
,Over the weekend, I saw god when I was doing my devotionals. When I was Doing my devotionals, I was on my knees, and I was praying. I started at 9: 45, I read my devo, and prayed. Now this is funny, When I looked at the time, it was 10:00. Now (More)
God Sightings
I saw God through technology. I realized how advanced our species is and how much we can do and that God wants us to use that to change the world and to make a difference. (More)
God Sightings
This weekend I've seen God through the leaves and all of the trees. It just looks so amazing to think that God made all of this with no effort and just how amazing all of it looks with the changing colors and all of the yards with the leaves on the g (More)
God Sightings 11/7
This weekend, I saw God in the time change. It seems very strange that God just at whim can turn how time functions momentarily just to change it back in a few more weeks. Just goes to show how powerful he is! (More)
Names of Jesus.
This week, in bible, we studied the different names of jesus.My name which is the lamb of god, Means That god is our shepherd. I like That title Because it means we are in his pasture.But I don't know what the pasture is. Is it heaven is it earth. Wh (More)
Names of Jesus
This week in bible we have been studying names of Jesus. We have also been studying if those names represented Jesus' divinity (Godlike) or humanity (Humanlike). Some names we learned are Despised, Prince of Peace, Bread of Life, etc. (More)
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