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Newsletter Oct.16-18; Oct.23-27
Dear parents, This newsletter contains information of the next two weeks since next week is a short week. We are going to talk about implementing Mandarin Only Timeline on Monday, October 23. I will do a craft with the students to help them un (More)
Newsletter October 9-13
Dear parents, This past Wednesday was a traditional Chinese festival called Mid-autumn Day which started more than a thousand years ago. During this day, Chinese people get together with their families to watch the moon and eat mooncakes. (The moo (More)
Newsletter Oct.2-6
Dear parents, We had a great time of visiting the Degraaf Nature Center. This field trip ties to our Five Senses science unit. We started with a lesson learning about animals’ senses. We saw real alive owl, snack and bunny. After that we had a wal (More)
Newsletter September 25-29
Dear parents, It is great to see the kids are developing relationships with each other. They are very creative during play time. Some of the kids built a bakery shop with all kinds of fancy sweets by using the play doughs ; some of the kids built (More)
Newsletter Sep.18-22
Dear parents, On Monday, our principle Mr. McAboy had a special meeting with all the kindergartners at the Media Center. He talked about the Bible is the word of God, and we should try to see everything through the biblical lens. He also mentioned (More)
Newsletter Sep.11-15
Dear parents, By today, all of the kids can understand basic classroom language like line up; clean up; sit on the carpet and so on pretty well. I am also excited to see some of the students begin to use the Mandarin they know. We spent time (More)
Newsletter Sep.5-8
Dear parents, We had a great first week of school! We spent last week building classroom community and setting up learning routines. This week, we will continue reinforce the routines. I am really excited to get to know your kids a little bit. I am (More)
Newsletter May 30-June 8
Dear parents, This is the last newsletter of the year. I will email you if I needs to connect you with anything. Information and Reminders: This is the last week students will have homework. Because this is a short week, students can bring home (More)
May 22-26
Information and Reminders: Memorial Day Parade - All the first graders and second graders from our class will parade with first grade team. Mrs. Zwiep and Mrs. Feenstra will march with first grade classes this year. Thank you to Abby Allen, Kris (More)
Newsletter May 15-19
Information and Reminders: Market Day: Fourth Grade will be hosting a Market Day on May 19 as part of their PBL in economics. They will be producing goods, and we will have the opportunity to purchase these products. Please have your child bri (More)
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