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Newsletter Dec.10-14
Information and Reminders: Jingle Jog - Each year ZCS students run for 12 minutes around a gym to raise money for our sister school in the Philippines. Our class will run on Wednesday, Dec 19 at 9:30-10:00. This is an event that many parents love (More)
Newsletter Dec.3-7
Information and Reminders: Each student will need 6 toilet paper tubes and a big shoe box for the nativity scene. Please send them in as soon as possible. If you have extra toilet paper tubes or shoe boxes, we would love to have them. Thanks! A bi (More)
Newsletter Nov.19-20; Nov.26-30
Dear parents, This newsletter covers the next two weeks since next week only has two days of school. Today students are going to bring their book bags home! They have been practicing reading books of the book bags this week, and they are excite (More)
Newsletter Nov.12-16
Information and Reminders: We are going to make the nativity scene while we learn about Christmas stories in December. Each student will need 6 toilet paper tubes and a big shoe box. Please send them in by Friday, Nov. 30. If you have extra toilet (More)
Newsletter Nov. 5-9
Dear parents, It was so great to have grandparents/relatives visited our class on Friday. A big thank you to Kristi Van Dyk, Jen Timmer and Brooke Oldenbroek for making the day special for the kids.I will send you some pictures later for you to do (More)
Newsletter Oct.29-Nov.2
Dear parents, Thank you so much for coming to the conferences. It was great to connect with you! This week will be our first full week of implementing Mandarin Only Timeline. Students are encouraged to talk to me only in Mandarin. We will continue (More)
Newsletter October 15-19;October22-23
Dear parents, This newsletter contains information of the next two weeks since the week of conference is a short week. We are going to talk about implementing Mandarin Only Timeline on Monday, October 22. I will do a craft with the students to (More)
Newsletter Oct. 8-12
Information and Reminders: Up in Lights: Wesley Elenbaas October 15-19 Please finish and send your child’s package the week before your child’s special week. During your child’s special week, it is a wonderful opportunity to have lunch with y (More)
Newsletter October 1 to 5
Dear parents, It is great to see the kids are developing relationships with each other. They are very creative during play time. Some of the kids made treasure maps by using their imaginations; some of the kids built houses and castles and some of (More)
Newsletter September 24-27
Information and Reminders: Please return the Prior Care Experience Form by Thursday, September 27. Thank you to those who already turned it in! Field Trip: Wednesday, October 17 DeGraaf Nature Center at 9:30am. We will spend most of the time (More)
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