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Pythagorean Theorem project
We made a pythagorean theorem project and we chose to use the equation Ians Hammock "Ian wants to put a hammock in his (More)
Math Project - Pythagorean Theorum
Jim and Sally wanted to go to library to go get some books. From Sally’s house to Library A is 9 miles away. They went to the library and couldn’t find the book they were looking for. They decided to go to Library B. Library B is 10 miles away from L (More)
Math Project
Our problem was about 2 boys who are starting a business here is the problem: This is what we did for the project: Justin, Tiana and I did a math project on the P (More)
En matemáticas estoy aprendiendo de fracciones. En estudios estamos aprendiendo de lo capones. En mandarin estamos aprendiendo como hacer tiempo. En ciencias estamos aprendiendo del movimiento. (More)
I enjoyed this project because it taught me about probability distribution in a fun way. I feel like I learn better this way than just sitting and doing lessons. I remember stuff better when it was fun, so I most likely won\'t forget probability dist (More)
¿para que usan metros, litros y gramos?   Usas metros si quieres medir el longitud de algo por ejemplo si quieres medir un elefante usaras metros. No usas metros para medir cosas pequeno por ejemplo si mides papel no usaras metros. usas (More)
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Long Division Woes
What my problem in Long Division is I Have to line up the letters strait so I don\'t do the wrong problem it is very hard to line them up right but I can get better than I am right now! I hope you enjoyed!!! (More)
So far this year i have learned a lot in math. Ive learned how to divided and multiply rational numbers. I have also learned how to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators. Another thing i learned was how to write a mixed number as a frac (More)
Pythagorean theorem
Today I am going to be explaining the pythagorean theorem, which was first explained by the Greek philosopher Pythagoras. This is the way you calculate the hypotenuse of a right triangle. The equation is A squared + B squared = C squared. So, the sum (More)
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