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Newsletter - June 1
Weekly Recap  Well families... this is it for blog posts. Next week Thursday I'll send home a note in your child's red folder with some ideas on how to stay busy this summer. We've had another amazing week. Thursday we celebrated the letter U a (More)
Newsletter - April 20
Weekly Recap We got to see all types of weather this week! We started with a snow day on Monday and froze at the Critter Barn on Wednesday. We closed out the week with some more appropriate spring like weather. Who knows what we will see next week (More)
Newsletter - April 15
Weekly Recap  I can hardly believe we are already to the middle of April, much less that my baby is already four months old!! Time really does fly, I am starting to believe that now. We are enjoying our days SO much together in kindergarten. I LOV (More)
Newsletter - March 25
Weekly Recap  What an amazing week in kindergarten. Teaching around Easter time is just my favorite. This week my faith has been renewed and challenged all at the same time. Walking through the Easter story with your children has been beautiful. T (More)
Newsletter - March 16
Weekly Recap We had another great week in kindergarten. Hat day was definitely a hit! Things are starting to feel smoother every day. I am getting to know your children again (not that I didn't know them before) and that has been refreshing for me (More)
Newsletter - March 7
Weekly Recap  Wow! What a wonderful week! It feels SO good to be Mrs. Johnson again! I have missed your children so very much. We spent this week adjusting to each other again. I think the time is/will be well spent and will set us up for a succes (More)
Newsletter - #12 - December 3
Week 12 Recap It was great to have four days to wrap up a few activities related to fall/Thanksgiving this week before turning the calendar to December on Friday. Your children fell right into rhythm after our few days off for Thanksgiving. I sure (More)
Newsletter - #11 - November 18
Week 11 Recap We had another great five day week in kindergarten. With Mrs. A back (and walking slowly - yay!) I feel like we are into a consistent and predictable routine. This is where learning happens best! I hope I have a few weeks of teaching (More)
Newsletter - #7 - October 14
Week 7 Recap  The weather is acting more like fall and it has been wonderful for settling into our classroom routines. Your children are a JOY to teach and have been loving to learn each day. We have started a lot of new things in our curriculum, (More)
Newsletter - #8 - October 29
Week 8 Recap  It was wonderful to spend five days with your children after a short week last week. Many of us (including myself) came to school refreshed and ready to learn! We enjoyed a touch of "normal" with Mrs. A coming back to join us as our (More)
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