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Newsletter - #12 - December 3
Week 12 Recap It was great to have four days to wrap up a few activities related to fall/Thanksgiving this week before turning the calendar to December on Friday. Your children fell right into rhythm after our few days off for Thanksgiving. I sure (More)
Newsletter - #11 - November 18
Week 11 Recap We had another great five day week in kindergarten. With Mrs. A back (and walking slowly - yay!) I feel like we are into a consistent and predictable routine. This is where learning happens best! I hope I have a few weeks of teaching (More)
Newsletter - #7 - October 14
Week 7 Recap  The weather is acting more like fall and it has been wonderful for settling into our classroom routines. Your children are a JOY to teach and have been loving to learn each day. We have started a lot of new things in our curriculum, (More)
Newsletter - #8 - October 29
Week 8 Recap  It was wonderful to spend five days with your children after a short week last week. Many of us (including myself) came to school refreshed and ready to learn! We enjoyed a touch of "normal" with Mrs. A coming back to join us as our (More)
Newsletter - #6 - October 8
Week 6 Recap  It is amazing to me that we are approaching the middle of October already. Looking ahead I can't help but notice our CEA convention is next week (no school next week Thursday and Friday) and that conferences are a month away! I prais (More)
Newsletter - #5 - October 1
Week 5 Recap  With a warm start to the week, we were all ready for some fall weather. We were SO thankful for cooler weather for our field trip on Wednesday! We had a great time learning more about our 5 senses. Thank you to the moms who drove us (More)
Newsletter - #4 - September 23
Week 4 Recap  Happy Fall! 🙂 I pray for the sake of all of us that the Lord decides to have the weather act like fall in this upcoming week. I am SO proud of your kindergartners and their positive attitude despite the heat this week. Thank you to (More)
Newsletter - #2 - September 10
Week 2 Recap  We had another great week in kindergarten. It was wonderful to experience a more "normal" week with your children. We are all adjusting slowly, but I can already tell this is going to be a wonderful year. God is going to do BIG thing (More)
Newsletter - #1 - September 2
Week #1 Recap  Welcome to our blog! I am excited to have a space for you to stay connected to our classroom. I realize that your kindergartener may not come home with LOTS to say about their days at school, hence the importance of this blog. I hop (More)
Welcome to Kindergarten!
Welcome! You found us! Please "subscribe" to our blog by typing in your email in the right. When you subscribe you will receive an email when I post an update to the blog. Thank you! (More)
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