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Newsletter #30
Newsletter #30 We had such a good day at Critter Barn yesterday learning and experiencing all about animals! It was a great to see the children getting all excited and making many connections on living/non-living things, animals, getting the chanc (More)
Newsletter #29
Newsletter #29 It was a good week coming back after Spring Break! We had a good time sharing what we did over Spring Break and launched right into learning as well. We had another author visit this week and it's always great for the children to he (More)
Newsletter #25
Newsletter #25 This week, we had a mystery guest (Zhang Laoshi) come in and read a book to us while Li Laoshi went to another class to be a special reading guest as well. The children are so excited and look forward to every event in this March Re (More)
Newsletter #19
Newsletter #19 We had a shorter 4 day week, but continue to take on more independence as kindergarteners now that we are halfway through Kindergarten! I continue to encourage them to take on more challenges and they are so excited when I say - are y (More)
Newsletter #17
Newsletter #17 We had a wonderful week coming back to school! I have missed your children and I think your children missed each other and miss being at school as well. Because of that, the children were able to transition back to learning right away (More)
Flashnews and Christmas Happening 🙂
Flashnews! Important Dates - January 9: Back to school! January 9: Harmoni's Featured Friend January 16: Reese's Featured Friend January 23: Teacher in-service (no school) Water Bottle and Towel: They were sent home for the break to c (More)
Newsletter #15&16
Newsletter #15&16 The weather turned slightly warmer on Friday so the K team decided to take all the Kindergarteners outside and enjoyed sledding at the hill! It was such an exciting time and a great way to end a busy week. Check out the picture (More)
Newsletter #14
Newsletter #14 It is so exciting to enjoy the snowy seasons with Kindergarteners! The children were really excited to enjoy the white fluffy fun snow at the playground! We are practicing our snow gears routine as well as making some adjustments to o (More)
Newsletter #13
Newsletter #13 It was good to get back to school this week 🙂 I heard stories of what happened during thanksgiving, where the children went or some of the things they ate (as well as starting the christmas tree shopping/decorations)! It is exciting (More)
Newsletter #11&12
Newsletter #11&12  This week was also a busy and special week as I wrapped up assessments so that I can share the children's progress with you this coming Monday and Tuesday. We also had a special visitor, Ruth who is a missionary that lives in (More)
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