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Newsletter 16: Week of January 21
Week Overview It was another great week at school together! The highlight of our week I think was our field trip to For The Kidz Gymnastics. The kids were able to experience first hand the push, pull, and gravity concepts we've been talking ab (More)
Newsletter 12: Week of December 3
Week Overview It feels like a while since I wrote to you in this way! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I enjoyed break so much, but it was also really good to be with your children again! This time of year is busy at school and at home (More)
Newsletter 8: Week of October 29
Week Overview It was SO good to be with your precious kiddos for a full week again! CEA was a great time to recharge, reconnect with other teachers, and learn some new strategies, but I missed your kids! We picked up on Monday right where we left (More)
Newsletter 7: Week of October 15
Week Overview This week was full of positive learning and growing! On Friday, for the very first time in kindergarten, the kids were able to choose which Daily 5 activity they wanted to do that round. Some chose Read to Self and others chose Work on (More)
Newsletter 6: Week of October 8
Week Overview I spent some time in Kalamazoo this weekend with family and friends and many were asking how the school year is going so far. I told them how much I genuinely care for your children and am thoroughly enjoying the time I spend with them (More)
Newsletter 2: Week of September 10
Week Overview We have completed 7 days of Kindergarten! God is good! Thank you for all that you are doing to help us start this school year off well! I am speaking almost 100% Spanish with the only exceptions being to explain new routines or give (More)
Newsletter 1: Week of September 3
Week Overview It has been such a joy to get to know your children more this week! I see the beginnings of some wonderful friendships. Thank you for entrusting your children to me during the school day. I am so blessed to be partnering with amazing f (More)
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