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Newsletter 34: Week of June 3
Week Overview What a fantastic week! We started our week with the Memorial Day parade and the kids did a wonderful job marching in the parade and honoring those who protect our freedoms here, especially remembering those who gave their lives (More)
Newsletter 32: Week of May 20
Week Overview I was struck several times this week by how much Spanish your kids are speaking! I had a few minutes to spare in Kalamazoo before graduation so I stopped at one of my favorite children's book stores and bought your kids a surprise (More)
Newsletter 30: Week of May 6
Week Overview What a full and exciting week! On Wednesday we celebrated our Small Moments writing unit by sharing our stories with Maestra Zondervan's class. We also celebrated making i (More)
Newsletter 28: Week of April 22
Week Overview We had an awesome week! Our field trip to the Critter Barn and Lawrence Park was such a fun day! I'm so proud of the kids for coming out of their comfort zones and trying new things- petting new animals and even milking a g (More)
Newsletter 27: Week of April 15
Week Overview It was a great week back! We are in the home stretch of our school year! In the spring it is so exciting to think back on how far your kids have come. We have a lot of exciting learning opportunities coming up in the next c (More)
Newsletter 22: Week of March 4
Week Overview Dear parents and families, This week was definitely one to remember as I said goodbye to all of your amazing learners. Words cannot describe how much I really wanted time to slow down for just a moment to really embrace a (More)
Newsletter 20: Week of February 18
Week Overview It was an exciting week to be a kindergartener! On Wednesday we celebrated our 100th day of school. It was a very special day of reflecting on God’s faithfulness over the past 100 days. THANK YOU to those of you who donated snacks (More)
Newsletter 16: Week of January 21
Week Overview It was another great week at school together! The highlight of our week I think was our field trip to For The Kidz Gymnastics. The kids were able to experience first hand the push, pull, and gravity concepts we've been talking ab (More)
Newsletter 12: Week of December 3
Week Overview It feels like a while since I wrote to you in this way! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I enjoyed break so much, but it was also really good to be with your children again! This time of year is busy at school and at home (More)
Newsletter 8: Week of October 29
Week Overview It was SO good to be with your precious kiddos for a full week again! CEA was a great time to recharge, reconnect with other teachers, and learn some new strategies, but I missed your kids! We picked up on Monday right where we left (More)
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