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Newsletter 11: Week ending November 15
We had a great week! One of the highlights this week for me was during our Bible lesson Thursday. We were talking about the 10 plagues when the kids started asking how a loving God who keeps his promises could allow such sad things to happen. I tol (More)
Newsletter 10: Week ending November 8
What a great week! It was exciting to play in some snow together even though not much accumulated. We also opened some new choices in our "I'm Finished, Now What?" center. Each table has two different materials to work with and a set of cards of fa (More)
Newsletter 9: Week ending November 1
I praise God for another great week of  kindergarten! One of the biggest highlights this week was Grandparents Day. We’ve been talking lots in Bible about God being a covenant, faithful God. His faithfulness throughout the generations was clear as (More)
Newsletter 8: Week ending October 18
Highlights This week was another full 5 days of learning and growth! We took some big steps in Daily 5 as we now have 4 choices open: read to self, read to someone, work on writing, and work with words. (More)
Newsletter 5: Week ending September 27
Highlights It was a great 4-day week! On Thursday morning we visited Degraaf Nature Center. It was a beautiful day! We learned about several animals and how they use their senses to survive. Then we used our 5 senses on a hike. Thank you so much, ev (More)
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