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Newsletter 35: Week of May 28
Highlights from our Week: Do we really turn our calendar over to June this week? I can't believe how fast this school year is going by! It's been a tremendous joy to partner with you in your child's education this year! Our PBL conti (More)
Newsletter 34: Week of May 21
Highlights from our Week: May always seems to bring about projects, assessment, and reflection. This week we continued working on  aalpa, the language and literacy project, and PBL, the project about animals that we are working on with (More)
Newsletter 33: Week of May 14
Highlights from our Week: We continue to enjoy our time together learning lots in the classroom and playing whenever we get an opportunity both in our classroom and outside in this beautiful spring weather! Important Dates:  (More)
Newsletter 32: Week of May 7
Highlights from our Week: Thank you for making me feel so special this week! I was showered with sweet emails and notes, yummy treats, special gifts, and a very sweet book your children made for me! It is such an honor to be your child's (More)
Newsletter 30: Week of April 23
Highlights from our week… It was another fun and full week of Kindergarten for our class! On Thursday we celebrated Earth Day. We talked about our role as stewards of God's creation. Each child created a book about how to take care of God' (More)
Newsletter 29: Week of April 16
Highlights from our week… It is so good to be with your precious children again! We had a lot of fun sharing stories from our spring vacations- stories from far away places and stories about exciting happenings here in Michigan. Your child (More)
Newsletter 27: Week of March 26
Highlights from our week… Thank you so much for taking the time to come for our conference earlier this week! I truly enjoy the time I get to spend with you... praying with you, celebrating your child and working together as a team. We ha (More)
Newsletter 25: Week of March 12
Highlights from our week… I can't believe this week will mark the middle of March already! It was another fun and full week in Kindergarten! We celebrated Eli's birthday, watched Bodhi's up in lights presentation, I was a mystery reader (More)
Newsletter 21: Week of February 19
Highlights from our week… It was a full and fun week in Kindergarten! On Monday we celebrated the 100th day of school! It was a very special day of reflecting on God's faithfulness over the past 100 days. We giggled a lot as many of us dressed up (More)
Newsletter 18: Week of January 29
Highlights from our week… Based on the giggles, I dare say the highlight of the kids' week might have been when we ate snack under our tables to celebrate filling our Spanish production jar. Each time we start filling the jar again, the kids v (More)
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