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Newsletter - April 29 - #30
Week 30 Highlights The weeks are just flying by. We kissed the last week of April goodbye. We talked about that Monday will be May,  the last full month of kindergarten. All day Friday, your students were asking me if today was the last day of sch (More)
Newsletter - April 24 - #29
Week 29 Highlights Wow! What a wonderful week in kindergarten. The highlight of the week was definitely our trip to the Critter Barn! Your children were truly troopers with a few unexpected rain/hail showers. I think we only ended up soaked just o (More)
Newsletter 30: Week of April 23
Highlights from our week… It was another fun and full week of Kindergarten for our class! On Thursday we celebrated Earth Day. We talked about our role as stewards of God's creation. Each child created a book about how to take care of God' (More)
Newsletter - April 15 - #28
Week 28 Highlights Happy Easter! He has Risen! 🙂 It was so great to be back together this week after our spring break. Your children seriously missed each other and that is such a testament to our beautiful classroom community. We had a great (More)
Newsletter 29: Week of April 16
Highlights from our week… It is so good to be with your precious children again! We had a lot of fun sharing stories from our spring vacations- stories from far away places and stories about exciting happenings here in Michigan. Your child (More)
Newsletter - April 3 - # 27
Week 27 Highlights We had a great four day week in kindergarten. We were all on the countdown to spring break, but we worked hard through our excitement. We closed out March by enjoying a few more Dr. Seuss activities as well a favorite, Wacky Wed (More)
Newsletter - March 27 - Week 26
Week 26 Highlights  We had a busy week this week! Missing Monday for conferences makes the week fly by. Adding a field trip Friday morning, makes things crazy. We managed to squeeze in some academics, but we had quite a few sick kiddos this week. (More)
Newsletter 27: Week of March 26
Highlights from our week… Thank you so much for taking the time to come for our conference earlier this week! I truly enjoy the time I get to spend with you... praying with you, celebrating your child and working together as a team. We ha (More)
Newsletter - March 19 - #25
Week 25 Highlights  The days just keep flying by! We enjoyed another week of learning and growing together in kindergarten. Mrs. (Jane) Jipping (one of our aides) returned back to the classroom this week. She was away for a few weeks taking car (More)
Newsletter 25: Week of March 12
Highlights from our week… I can't believe this week will mark the middle of March already! It was another fun and full week in Kindergarten! We celebrated Eli's birthday, watched Bodhi's up in lights presentation, I was a mystery reader (More)
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