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Newsletter - March 19 - #25
Week 25 Highlights  The days just keep flying by! We enjoyed another week of learning and growing together in kindergarten. Mrs. (Jane) Jipping (one of our aides) returned back to the classroom this week. She was away for a few weeks taking car (More)
Newsletter 25: Week of March 12
Highlights from our week… I can't believe this week will mark the middle of March already! It was another fun and full week in Kindergarten! We celebrated Eli's birthday, watched Bodhi's up in lights presentation, I was a mystery reader (More)
Newsletter - March 11 - #24
Week 24 Highlights  It is hard to believe we are approaching the middle of March already. I have enjoyed the few moments spent starting to assess your children in preparation for conferences. This coming week I will take a 1/2 day to continue to a (More)
Newsletter - March 5 - #23
Week 23 Highlights Another great week in the books! The weather has been so odd going from days where we didn't need coats at recess to a two hour ice delay! Only in Michigan I suppose! 🙂 We enjoyed reading a few Dr. Seuss stories this week, a (More)
Newsletter - February 25 - #22
Week 22 Highlights This Thursday we enjoyed an all school Chapel. We sang songs about God's love and listened to Mrs. Newman challenge us to wear God Glasses. Mrs. Newman helped bring inclusion education to ZCS, and is a dear friend and mentor of (More)
Newsletter - February 20 - #21
Week 21 Highlights I write and reflect after an awesome week of kindergarten. "This is what kindergarten should be like"... I found myself telling others this week. We had a blast celebrating the 100th day of school looking like the elderly. We al (More)
Newsletter 21: Week of February 19
Highlights from our week… It was a full and fun week in Kindergarten! On Monday we celebrated the 100th day of school! It was a very special day of reflecting on God's faithfulness over the past 100 days. We giggled a lot as many of us dressed up (More)
Newsletter 18: Week of January 29
Highlights from our week… Based on the giggles, I dare say the highlight of the kids' week might have been when we ate snack under our tables to celebrate filling our Spanish production jar. Each time we start filling the jar again, the kids v (More)
Newsletter 17: Week of January 22
Highlights from our week… The highlight of this past week for me was remembering Dr. Martin Luther King's lessons on loving one another. As a class we talked about the command Jesus gave us to love our neighbor. The kids brainstormed ideas about h (More)
Newsletter 16: Week of January 15
Highlights from our week… Do you ever do something and it just feels “right?” It fills your heart with joy and gives you goosebumps. That’s how it feels to be back with your kids! Each morning we say “good morning” to each other in our special way a (More)
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