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A week in review: January 14-18
Kindergarten Days! It has been another busy and productive week in our kindergarten classroom! We are truly back into the swing of things after Christmas break! We are continuing to work hard while also learning to be good friends and classmates, an (More)
1 -18 -19 Weekly Update
Dear Mom and Dad, I am going to write about soccer! My five sub-points are Half-back, goalie, rules, equipment, and offense. We did a lot of different lab experiments. They were color, texture, reaction to magnet, reaction to heat, reaction to (More)
Weekly Update
Tell your parents what you are going to write about, and the five subpoints you came up with. I am going to write about Hockey my five subpoints are red wings Gordie Howe History of hockey gear you need wayne  Gretzty Explain to y (More)
Weekly Update
In writing I am writing about Michigan Basketball and my 5 sub-points are the history,the team,rankings over the years,best players,and historical wins. In science we did a lab and tried to figure out what the mystery powders were and it was reall (More)
1-18 Weekly Update
In writing we are writing informational "books" my topic is dolphins. We figured out mystery substances by adding other stuff and other things. My favorite part of the week was. Cupcakes. and Math. Good Day, and Happy Friday! Anot (More)
A week in review: January 7-11
A New Year What an amazing first week back! The kids all came to school eager to share about their Christmas vacations and eager to start learning again! We had a highly productive week with amazingly focused kindergarteners! We were able to get so  (More)
Students, please respond to the following prompts IGD(in great detail). Parents, let's see how detailed they actually get!  🙂 Dear Mom and Dad, What was something I learned about King Cyrus this week in Bible class? God told King Cyrus to let (More)
Weekly update 7-11
What was something I learned about King Cyrus this week in Bible class? He was a good king and he rebuilt the temple. Explain to your parents why I felt the need to complement each other during the morning greeting. Also, tell them what (More)
Weekly Update
This week we learned that God moved king Cyrus's heart and let the Jews go back to Jerusalem. In the morning we greet each other in the circle and now we give complements and the best ones are the ones about each others personality. Happy Fri (More)
1-11 Weekly Update
I learned in Bible that King Cyrus was a good king and let the Israelites go home. In morning devotions we greet the person next to us and give them a complement like I like how you are a great friend. Happy Friday! I just wanted t (More)
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