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10-12 Weekly Update
October 12, 2018 Dear Mom & Dad, This week was super because in gym we got to play soccer. One way I used my words for good this week was I gave a nice note to heidi telling her how she’s a good student. In bible we are learning about Go (More)
10-5 Weekly Update
October 5, 2018 Dear Mom and Dad, This week was interesting because I got to play SOCCER!!! I saw God at work this week when someone was feeling bad and her friends helped her. In math, we are learning about subtracting fractions with not th (More)
9-27 Weekly Update
September 27, 2018 Dear [Mom], This week was exciting because we learned awesome stuff!. I saw God at work this week when Melat hurt her nose, and her friends helped her. One way that Jesus taught me to pray is don’t pray for so long, maybe (More)
9-21 Weekly Update
September 21, 2018 Dear Family, This week was the best.   I saw God at work this week when john hurt his lip and me and some other friends helped to a recess duty. I am reading The House of Hades. One question I have about my book is How did (More)
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