Erosion Project


In science class we studied and worked on a project about erosion. My partner and I were assigned to study wind erosion. This includes wind eroding Sand dunes and rocks and land. The first picture is of sand erosion. Wind can blow sand into 4 different types of dunes which are labeled in the picture below.

The second picture is of ventifacts. Ventifacts are rocks or boulders that get blown by wind and hit by sand and small particles and put dents and roughen the surface of the rock.

The 3rd picture is of deflation. This is where wind blows the land away. Where the land is low is before and where is high is after.

The 4th picture is of an island. Over time wind blew the mountains away and smoothed the surface of the land. If you look closely at the island to the right the bottom is very thin. This is called abrasion. Abrasion is when wind blows a rock into a new shape.


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  1. Ross

    Hey Fisch,
    Thanks for posting this. It is nice to see what you are doing in class every now and then. Your islands make me hungry….they look like cupcakes.

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