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Cam kicks a soccer ball 30 1/2 yards. On his second try he kicks the ball 20 4/8 yards. How much farther did he kick it the first time.

So to figure this problem out you need to make the denominators on the fractions equal. To do that you would take 4/8 and divide it by 4/4 and you should get 1/2. So then you have 30 1/2 – 20 1/2. then you make the mixed numbers into improper fractions. So to turn 30 1/2 you multiply 30 by the denominator which is 2. Then you get 60. Next you add the numerator to 60 so you’d get 61/2. You do the same thing for 20 1/2. Below is a picture that helps simplify how to make a mixed number into an improper fraction.images

Next once you make both of your mixed numbers improper (you should have 61/2 and 41/2) you subtract the numerators and get 20/2.  then you simplify it to 10. And then your done.



I have learned that multi step equations are not that fun because there is much stuff to remember! You have to remember to add or subtract from both sides of the equation. You have to remember the if the greater than or equal than sign is flipped if you multiply of divide by a negative. And I think the problems are easy sometimes and then I get them wrong and it’s like way more complicated than the way I learned it in the lessons when I’m taking a quiz or test.