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What If? Project

In our What If project I think I grew in sharing ideas and contributing to the team. I learned this when we were working on our mockups because I felt that what I thought about what the mockup needed should be shared. I also grew in my creativeness when we worked on our secondary research presentation because I thought of what was needed and what would attract people and put them together. We got lots of good feedback from the audience at the final presentation. Lots of people thought we didn’t seem like 6th graders they thought we seemed like college students! I was surprised by that. I will always remember when Jace did his little walk through the park and wished in the wishing well for his March Madness bracket to do well.

What If?

The sixth grade at my school is working on a design project called What If? Our assignment is to design a park for Zeeland where Heritage Square and a parking lot is. On the first day we went to Tiger Studios and they taught us the process of designing. Then we went to the Herman Miller Library where our clients told us about what they do and what our assignment was. Then we went to Heritage Square and the parking lot to see how big our space was. Once we got back to school we got into our design studios and read the project brief. We high-lighted the important parts and wrote them on sticky notes and put them on the board. We put the sticky notes into affinities. Then we got into groups of three and did research on our affinity.