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Themes Of The Old Testament


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Conflict and doubt, in the bible there are lots of stories of people struggling with God. One way that subjected might come up in life is just struggling with your faith and all the temptation in life. In the bible, there are lots of people who did struggle with God and had a hard time trusting him. (God) One example is that Abraham had to live is city and family and go somewhere that he was not familiar with. Also, another example is when he took Isaac on top of the mountain to be killed and when God saw that Abraham trust him he sent a different thing to be sacrificed. And the reason why I pick this photo is it shows struggling and doubt and I think struggling or conflict or doubt is a really common thing in life and That’s the reason why I pick this photo. Also, the things that I have learned about this subject is that you should always turn to the bible to help you get through your struggling because when you want to get better at something you need to put it into practice.  








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Names are important because they give lots of meaning and in the bible, there a very big part of lots of stories. For example, when Abraham and Sarah had a child they name him Isaac because it meant laughter. And another example is that Abrams names mean’s a father of many because when God made his promise that Abraham would be a father of a great nation, God changes his name (Genesis 17:5) From Abram to Abraham. And also the reason why I pick this photo is that it shows who we are. And the saying “hello my name is”… it could mean lots of things such as Hello my name is a child of God and other things as well. Also, names just have lots of power. Because God picked them for us to have. And the reason how you could use those subjected in our daily life is that our names have lots meaning and understanding without names, it would be really hard to remember people or play with people so that’s the reason why names are just so powerful. And they just have lots of meaning just like how like my name means huntsman/hunter.










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Something is Rotten:


Elijah asked the people of Israel, “How long will you waver between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow him, but if Baal is God, follow him.” And the people of Israel responded in silence because they weren’t sure. And I think they should’ve responded in Yes! the Lord Is God because. There are lots of things that prove that the Lord is God, not Baal. One other thing is that’s God has done Lots of things to show his power like bringing people back from the dead and doing lots of other stuff also miracles and Baal as done nothing. So I think also this generation we might not really trust or think God is real sometimes and that’s why it’s important to refer to the bible to Help us get on the right track. Also, the reason why I have picked this photo is that it shows the not really trusting In God and the struggle in trusting in him. Also, I think this subjected can connect to our lives by that we need to trust in him and not trust in what our culture. Just like how Abraham needed to trust in God by knowing that God is the map. Also, Abraham trusted in him That God would tell him (Abraham) where to go on his journey.









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 Being Called:


Being called to do something is quite familiar in the Bible. One way that’s it shows being called in the bible is the story of Abraham and Sarah to be the parents of a great nation. Abraham and Sarah didn’t always trust God’s call and tried to control things on their own. In the end, God kept his promises. And I think that’s story is just a really good example of how God can call you in so many ways. Another way that’s God might call you in this generation would be for Jobs or being called to do something like maybe moving or doing other stuff similar to that. And the reason why I have picked this photo to demonstrate Being called by God is that It really shows the point of being called to do something and being called to do something might take a long time and could be stressful but you just have to trust and persevere. Also, one way that’s This cloud connect to your life is that you might be being called right now and if you are just staying trustful and know that God is the great leader so he will get you to the right destination, just like how he did to Abraham and Sarah.












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Slavery and salvation are in lots of stories and movies but the example that I’m going to share is from the bible. And it’s the story of how Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers yet helps his family to survive the famine. Also, another example of slavery and salvation is that in the bible Moses was born into slavery but yet lead Israel out of Egypt and into freedom. And lots of stories of slavery and salvation in the bible or in real life or movies start off with a problem and someone come out with a solution just like that story. And the reason why I have picked this photo is that slavery and salvation is a really powerful thing in the bible and it has lots of meaning/lessons that can come from the bible. And also the reason why I have picked this photo is that it shows what the big picture of what slavery is and salvation really is. One way that this theme cloud come in your daily life is you might not really believe in God and not really trust in him. But then someone comes up to you and explains the true meaning Of God, and how to be a believer and I think That’s being in slavery and then becoming saved because you were in sin then you found the light which is Jesus.  














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Sinai Law:


The ten commandments you might know or not but it’s   a big part of our life and the life in the Bible. In Exodus 20 when God told the Israelites about the ten commandments and how he would like you to live your life. And also God made the ten commandments not to harm but to keep you safe and to give you hope. Also, the ten commandments keep you in the right track so that you don’t go into the wrong path. Also, Law covers every area of your life. And the reason why I have picked this photo for the Sinai Law or this theme is that it shows the ten commandments and those ten commandments are the rules of our life and how we can glorify God just by following these rules. (ten commandments) And the way that this subjected cloud come up in our lives would be that sometimes we don’t follow these rules like for example idols, we might have stuff that we might focus on more than God-like sports, Electronics, clothes/fashion, music, and food. But the way that we get back on track is following the ten commandments and just read the bible to follow and do what God wants for our lives.









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Slide to Destruction:


In the past kings made good decisions and followed God’s Rules but when King Ahab came into the mix he did not do to good of things and did don’t really care about the rules of God. And when Elijah heard this he said to Ahab and his wife “that there would be no rain for 3 years”. And after those 3 years, Elijah came back to Ahab and said let’s go up to the mountain and see if your god is real of see if my God is real. And when they got to the mountain Elijah setup 2 alters one for the Ball god and for for Elijah’s God (the real God) and said whatever alter sets on fire first is the real God after Elijah said that’s the sky’s went dark and a lighting struck Elijah’s altar and the people where in shock and started to say, Elijah! . (which means Jehovah is God) And the reason why I have picked this photo is that it shows when we make bad decisions bad things happen so that’s why we need to make good decisions so we don’t  end up in bad situations. The way That this subject can come up in our life is that if we make bad decisions in our life bad thing will happen but if we make good decisions then opportunities and good things will happen in our life. So that’s why it’s super important to follow the rules of God and not ourselves because we want to get on the right track and on the path that’s God wants for us.













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Symbol of a Lamp


God is like the star’s in the sky. Because he his the path in our life and guide us. In the old testament, people used a lamp has a symbol of God because. That was a very common thing back in that time period because they didn’t have light bulbs like we have known. So by using a command everyday item, they can remember God every day. And I thinks it important to use something that’s we use a lot to remember him like a light switch because. By choosing the right decision (by turning it on) you go on the right path to follow. Also, The reason why I picked a picture of stars is that God is our star in our life and star’s are an everlasting light in the sky. And we can always remember that we should go on the right path in life by looking at the stars and always count on a light in the sky. One way that you might connect this theme to your daily life is that even the small things in your home have lots of meaning or use so even small things can do big things.


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