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How to be a good partner

  • dont be bossy
  • dont be sassy
  • listen to your partners
  • use your partners ideas
  • do teamwork
  • get stuff done

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Martin Luther King J’r was a very good man he was one of the four kids in his family as he grew up his dad was a pastor and later on in his life he decided to become a pastor. He was put in jail alot and he has one of the most famous speeches called in have a dream.


I’m thankful that we get to go hunting and eat good food and football.new_england_patriots_2005afcwcp1wtdfishwildthanksgiving-stock-free-image-08112015-image-239

Rainy days

Go dirt biking in the mud.dirt-bike-691828_960_720


I like fall because it is hunting season and I could shoot one like this.6784a8da98143a9dc58f18fd0676c617

End of the school year sad yet happy

It is kind of sad that school is over and I’ve had a really good teacher and it was a fun year. I am happy and sad that school is over this was the best year of school i’ve ever had in my life I had Mr Sneller and he is the  funnest  teacher ever my class nickname was Harry I had a fun year.

field trip to van raalte farm

We got to go to van raalte far and it was fun and we go to walk n the creek and net for different tipes of incects and their creek wasn’t that clean you could tell by what bugs are in it.  We went on a walk in  the  forest and we found a water snake and it was cool. Cameron caught a crayfish.Pacifastacus_leniusculus_01_by-dpc

it looked like this.

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