It was a bumpy ride on the bus the machine were awesome and really big and my favorite machine was the compactor it was cool to see the landfill that was getting made the really big compactor   was awesome the front loader was really cool to see lifting the trash and dumping all the trash  and watching all the dump trucks come by us and the dump trucks that were getting loaded  up. The recycling center was loud and awesome to see the laser and the machine that made all the trash into bales and the forklift lifting the bales and loading the truck up and the magnet that picked up all the metal and then making it fall of and the cameras that showed us wall we were in the room on the projector and I was surprised by how many workers there were at the recycling center and I didn’t now that they didn’t have the same workers picking out the trash    I would not want to work there after a day there you would really stink so I don’t want to work there.