Month: December 2015


i love christmas

and presents


I have really never thought about trash that much I don’t like it and it is gross but teracycle is a good idea and it works really good but it is a lot to handle but if we could get a couple more things to recycle. And so people see the sign we could make them bigger so they can see them and put   there trash in the right place and it does’t end up on the ground and we could put some of the teracycle bins outside so people don’t throw there trash on the ground and we could put lids on the top of the trash cans and right please throw GoGo squeezes here ore throw your capri -suns here. if we found something to do with the hot lunch trays we could make a special trash can to throw them in ore we could be like Holland Christian and use plastic trays and reuse them so we don’t always wastes money and they are more expensive but I think it would be fine and we could find a use for the washing machines. we could try and make a trash can that disinagreat   the trash and so they don’t end up in the land fill and we could make less use out of the landfill. we could send the trash in a black hole and it would be gone.  I don’t now how much the plastic trays would cost i think they will cost more than the stirafome hot lunch trays but the plastic trays you can re use them. and terracycl helps so there won’t be trash on the ground.   

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