Month: March 2016

what we did in science class

We pulled cement blocks on 3 different surfaces DSCN3661

cement, grass and asphalt and we used doweles and marbles and we put them under the cement blocks with DSCN3688DSCN3680

a rope and pulled the cement block. And we made observations and we had to choose the best surface it worked on.

what we did in our family groups today

In family groups today not to judge people by there skin but to judge them by their heart. And we all are different and thats what makes us unique. And we are as a school going to make a quilt and you either draw a picture of yourself or a picture of something that your good at and I drew a picture of me playing soccer on my indoor soccer team and me kicking the soccer in the goal and the goalie caught the ball.  And never judge somebody by their skin color but please judge them by their heart. Remember people are all different and all unique.

The Kingdom Connection

2016 march 15 I went to the king practice I think the actors did a great job it was kind of funny and I really liked the songs my favorite song was not my battle I think it was a cool musicale and the cool kings my friend hudson was king solman. I was not there I fell on my bike and it heart to bad so my dad said I didn’t have to go if it heart to bad I was bummed that I didn’t get to go to the musicale so I just stayed home and sat on the couch and whatched a little TV. 

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