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Martin Luther King J’r was a very good man he was one of the four kids in his family as he grew up his dad was a pastor and later on in his life he decided to become a pastor. He was put in jail alot and he has one of the most famous speeches called in have a dream.


I’m thankful that we get to go hunting and eat good food and football.new_england_patriots_2005afcwcp1wtdfishwildthanksgiving-stock-free-image-08112015-image-239

Rainy days

Go dirt biking in the mud.dirt-bike-691828_960_720


I like fall because it is hunting season and I could shoot one like this.6784a8da98143a9dc58f18fd0676c617

End of the school year sad yet happy

It is kind of sad that school is over and I’ve had a really good teacher and it was a fun year. I am happy and sad that school is over this was the best year of school i’ve ever had in my life I had Mr Sneller and he is the  funnest  teacher ever my class nickname was Harry I had a fun year.

field trip to van raalte farm

We got to go to van raalte far and it was fun and we go to walk n the creek and net for different tipes of incects and their creek wasn’t that clean you could tell by what bugs are in it.  We went on a walk in  the  forest and we found a water snake and it was cool. Cameron caught a crayfish.Pacifastacus_leniusculus_01_by-dpc

it looked like this.

Field trip to Providence nursing home

We got to go to Providence nursing home and play with the residents we got to play balloon toss and do word searches and it was really fun that is my 2 ‘nd  time there.

field trip to cappon house and settlers house

We got tot g to the cappon house and the settlers house and at the end the dozen asked us which house we would rather live in settlers house because at the cappon house you had to be really fancy and I like to live in rustic houses and they told us that when you were going to sit down at the table you had to stand up straight and Mr. cappon would inspect you and if you were dirty he would tell you to clean yourself up. One thing that I would change about the settlers house is I’d make it a’little bit bigger. Lets compare the settlers house and the cappon house I’ll bet the settlers house 1/4 of the cappon house. Isaac_Cappon_House



what we did in science class

We pulled cement blocks on 3 different surfaces DSCN3661

cement, grass and asphalt and we used doweles and marbles and we put them under the cement blocks with DSCN3688DSCN3680

a rope and pulled the cement block. And we made observations and we had to choose the best surface it worked on.

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