so some alian just landed in my yard and its name is farmer jack and he wanted to now about my life:

so i told him i play 3 sports

alian: what sports

me: football baseball and basketball

alian: nice

me: how did you get here

alian: o a cayoti tried to eat me

me: to bad he didnt

alian: so what else do you do

me: play outside


me: were you from

alian: some place were the lions are good and win super bowls but there it is the year   9345

me: wow how are the packers

alian: like 2 and 16 every year

me: nice

alian: what is your favorite food

me:ice cream

alian: nice

me : well i got go so hope you have a great life and i sugust going to chicago its a great fit for you

alian: ok by

me: but gust as he was leaving his tractor blew up and died and i celebrated for ever