la union Africana

Cameroon cree que la unión africana debe dejar publico porque… seria mejor por el país.



Qué es democracia? Es una forma de gobierno cuando los personajes de el país eligen al gobierno. Pero en la unión africana no tienen eso como américa. Tienen derechos libremente participación pública igualdad.


El nota de mi país es 3.46. Unas cosas que podemos ser para mejorar los es dejar a la publica votar. También podemos dejar al público votar para leyes envés de gobierno.



Creo que el unión africana debe dejar el público votar para el gobierno y para leyes. Hacer leyes que el público puede votar por el gobierno y leyes.







Africa Intro. Activity

I learned that there is over 400 different languages in Nigeria by its self.

I also learned that people more Southern in Africa on average live longer than people more north.

I already knew that it was not a very developed country.

I wonder how many languages there is in all of Africa.



I liked the Storng Water one because they were surfing in the river after they cleaned it up.

Also the river was super strong and when they fell the water took them and the surf board.

Eagle: It was cool watching the eagles get the fox and the food. and catching the baby eagle

Bible exam




At the beginning of the year we focused on names and what they meant. YHWH means relational God. Another name of God is EL which means creator king I really like the meaning of EL because it reminds me that God is the creator. Elijah means God is YHWH I like that because It reminds me that God is Lord and he is the creator and we should follow him because there is no one else. My name is Cade and it means small battle spirit of battle witch makes me think of the battle jesus had to go through on the cross. My visual is that everyone’s name has a meaning and a reason.

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When we talked about conflict and doubt we asked ourselves ¿is it ok to doubt God?

In the bible many people question God. when you question God you gotta tell someone you trust mom,dad, brother, sister,uncle,aunt,grandpa Grandma, friend and so on. I think it is ok to questenully doubt God because he loves us no matter what and we can trust him. My visual is the conflict between the deer fighting.

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When we studied call it reminded me of when my parents had a call to do safe families. Safe families is where a family takes a kid from a mom who needs help we have done it for about 11 kids our longest is 6 weeks and shortest is 3 days i really like it because the kids are small and just starting to talk and really funny. But God made a call/promise the he will return to save us and have eternal life. I like John 3:16 for this Because it says how God so loved the world and that whoever believes in him will have eternal life.

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God is always with you in struggles or decisions. Just like when God was with my parents when they made the decision to go to honduras for a mission trip. And when my great grandpa and great grandma died he was present in the struggles my grandpa had because his parents had died. You need God for everything every decision you make without God is not gonna end out good. God is always with you.  

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God gives grace and forgiveness he forgives us of our sins and what we do that isn’t good and he gives us grace for that too. And it relates to communion cause that’s when we ask for jesus to give us forgiveness and grace and to wash our sins away. That makes me think of when God gives me forgiveness for any of my sins no one is perfect and everyone sins but we need to ask for grace and forgiveness.


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God made a covenant with david saying his line would rule forever. I see darkness in the poor and the people but they light up when they get help i love seeing people help the darkness. I really really really like to visual a lamp fire flame or whatever lights up when i see darkness because it lights the world up to me and people feel loved.Image result for candle





God loves u unconditionally no matter what we do he loves us because everyone sins makes a bad choice or whatever. God doesn’t love us unconditionally because if we sin or make a bad choice he still loves us. People sinned in the bible people sin now and always will but when we ask for forgiveness he washes our sins away. I think everybody in the world should know that God loves u unconditionally.

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Sinai law is like  when you focus on things more than you focus on God but for me it’s sometimes Sports and I’m worried about Winning or whatever and I don’t think about God and especially with it being the Christmas season it’s kind of like everyone’s was thinking about what  get for Christmas but it’s actually about Jesus’s birth I really like this one because it helps me focus more on God then just focusing on Sports and other stuff.

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Consumo Cade Overweg


Por: Cade Overweg

¿Sabías que mucha de el mundo toma duchas con un balde afuera? Y el agua hace muy fría de lluvia. Yo tomo duchas afuera con un balde no creo que sería muy difícil pero era tan difícil y muy frió. Es muy importante porque no estaba gastando mucha agua para ducharse. Y no gastaba agua caliente tampoco.

Duchaba afuera porque quería entender que mucho de el mundo toma duchas afuera. Durante la mañana antes de escuela quería tomar la ducha caliente adentro. Pero necesitaba ir afuera con fría agua cuando era solamente 40 de grados afuera ya. La experiencia era bueno para entender más el mundo pero era muy difícil. La experiencia hacer eso es muy bueno porque entiendo el mejor el mundo. También entiendo mejor porque estoy tomando un ducha no es divertido porque es tan frío afuera y el agua es frío. Y hice en la lluvia una vez. Y cuando sabes que tienes un ducha caliente adentro todavía necesitaba tomarlo afuera. Mi vida cambio porque entiendo que mucho del mundo necesita hacer para un ducha. Si yo no hice ese desafío no sabría que muchos personas hacen.

Hacer ese desafío me impactó porque entiendo que bien tenemos para tomar no sólo un ducha adentro pero un caliente. También afectó a mi familia porque yo siempre uso todo el agua caliente pero durante esa semana yo entiendo cómo es no tener agua caliente y estar afuera. Y ahora yo toma duchas más cortas entonces otra personas tienen agua caliente. Y mi familia y el mundo es gracioso que no uso tanto agua o agua caliente ahora.

En el futuro quiero tomar duchas más cortas porque duchas largas gasta mucha agua que no necesitamos gastar. Suruhia a otras personas hacerse desafío porque realmente entiendo que es como no tener duchas adentro ni caliente.