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Yes, I hold a single story on Africa. My single story is, is that my friend went and lived in Kenya many years ago. Back when we were in kindergarten. I thought that Africa was all just a small place at first, then slowly learned that it is a huge place, full of people, and it’s not a place where it’s all black people. Although there is a lot of black people, it’s a community, just like America. We might not be the best community, but we are a community.

Some stories that I might be missing are, the ones where people do more than what they tell us, that although some people can look rich, they can be possibly poor, people that look poor can be rich. No matter what, people aren’t always what they seem.

The danger of a single story is, is that people can misunderstand you, because of how you look, because of how you act, and because of the clothes you wear.

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