Semana de Inmigración

Me impactó cuando el describí cuántas personas venían para una visa, y cuantas personas hay allí. Me impactó escuchar su historia y ver cómo Dios ha impactado su vida. Para mi, mis pensamientos de “muchas personas” han cambiado mucho.


He was from pakistan, he went somewhere (I forgot) as a refugee, and he was there for 3 years until he got accepted to go to the US. He came to the US in 2016, so almost a year ago. He came with his family except for his father, who was killed in pakistan. They were never declined, because his father was well known, so they were in danger as his family.


Her husband went to the US to get a better job and to support her and their newborn. They didn’t have a house in Mexico, and they didn’t have enough money for their baby. A little bit after her husband left, she and their baby went to the US. It was really hard for her to leave her family and friends, and she didn’t know any english, so when she got there, it was really hard for her. At first, she was very depressed, because she didn’t have any friends there, and her whole family, except her husband and their baby, were back in Mexico.

In salam neighbor, a thing that stood out to me was when the kid was talking about how they blew his school up, and how he was traumatized. It really amazed me how much people were in the camp, and how much people there were who were still in Syria. The movie really opened me to the reality there when the people were telling their stories. A lot of the stories was really sad like when a lady was talking about how her son was shot in the leg, then was pulled behind a tank, then was taken to the sidewalk and killed.

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