I am like a Snowflake

I am like a Snowflake

I am like a snowflake. Snowflakes are unique. No two snowflakes are the same. I am unique because I am good at telling bad jokes and cheering people up. Nobody will have my sense of cleverness and my ability to cheer people up when they’re sad.

I am also like a snowflake because I like to hang around in large crowds of my friends. I enjoy large crowds because similar to snowflakes, nobody is the same in them and it makes for interesting conversations. Nobody thinks exact same thing because of all the intermixed personalities. In the crowds, we often talk and laugh, usually wasting the time away.

Another reason I am like a snowflake is because I am very situational. Similar to snowflakes, my jokes usually only come at certain times when I have a point to make or such. Snowflakes only come when it’s a certain temperature, weather, and environment. Although, during certain times of the year, more snow falls, and in other times of the year, no snow falls at all.

The final reason I am like a snowflake is because they also fall individually. While I still enjoy hanging with my friends, I prefer doing work alone. This is only because I feel like if I’m in a group and I mess something up, it’s easier to blame my misdoing on someone else. If I work alone, I only can blame it on myself.

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