Christian Persecution PBL

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been learning lots about Christian persecution around the world. Then we had to create an exhibit to show how Christians are persecuted in one certain country, and what we can do to help. The country that my group and I focused on was Laos. It is in Southeast Asia. It is #20 on the world watch list. That means persecution there is really bad.  At our table, we had many things. We had lots of jars that people could pick out of.  In the jars we had prayers, prayer requests, ways you can help, and fun facts about Laos. We also had bookmarks that people could take and a research paper people could read.  The cardboard piece near the jars had two flaps and if you flipped them up, you could read stories of specific people in Laos and how they were persecuted for their faith. Our posters in the back were a flag of Laos and a bunch of different ways people can help the persecuted Christians around the world. For our audio part of the project, we had a recorded slideshow playing with general information about Laos and the persecution there. It was a fun project and I learned lots about the topic of Christian persecution.

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