What If? Innovation Project

In the past 3 weeks we have learned how to be designers. My skill has improved in the last 3 weeks with working with my friends more and learning that the audience is not always going to respond how you want them too. My whole grade has worked really hard on this project it was a long process but i think that every one had a lot of fun. My friends all have done a great job with coming up with ideas, making mockups and, presenting on Wednesday. Our two design coaches Mrs. Morin and Mr. Fluharty have done a really good job with teaching us about designing things. We got to go to Disher Design and Hayworth and they taught us about designing parks and where to put them. We came up with two story playground to having a rollar coaster. Our final presentation was really fun, there was one team from each studio. The three teams that got to present they were really good. They all had a small skit to show the audience  about how the new park would be a good place to sit and relax and still be able to go and have fun in the park with your family and friends. One of the skits show them going threw park witha happy personality and when they leave they would want to come back. Another was their mom had to go shopping for a dress for this wedding and her 3 kids had to go but they didn’t want to because there was no park there. And then one of the kids hurts their knee and the other two kids start fighting and their mom doesn’t get to buy a dress for the wedding. When they go back the next day they still dont want to come but when they ge there they see their grandpa and the park is there and they get to play there for the rest of the day.

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Science Project

For our science project we are learning about Sedimentary rocks made out of crayons. We spent a week on making sediment (which is crayons shaved into little pieces). After we destroyed all the crayons we got into groups put a lot of the crushed and shaved pieces of crayon on tin foil and out it in between 2 marker boards and stepped on it for 5 min and then found a space at my school that was really heavy  and put the piece of tin foil with the crushed and shaved crayons under the thing that was really heavy for 1,000 and 1,000 of minutes. After a few weeks we finally get to put the shaved crayon rock into a heated oven to melt it and make it into a smaller rock.this is what it looks like after we took it out of the tin foil.

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Design Studio (What If?)

Sometime last week we worked in Qualitative Quantitative and Secondary groups. We worked on making surveys and going on the streets to get peoples answers for the the park (Heritage  Square) on the corner of Elm and Main St. We got a lot of surveys back for responses for what they would enjoy or what they wouldn’t enjoy. They had to circle from 1-5 five being the best and 1 being the worst.  Some people enjoy having interactive water to play in or they just like to look at it and not get wet. Other people what benches to sit on to watch their kids play on a play ground or in the water. Having the park special needs accessible was very important to almost every one.

The Next day we got to tally up all the surveys. There we a lot of groups of two working on each question. I got question number 8 which was “How many times do you go down town a week” and I got a lot of  1-3’s and 10+. After we tallied up all the question each group had to find out the median if all the numbers put together. Then we made a bar graph so every one could  put the median on it. I had fun during going on the streets to give people surveys and then tallying the questions up on to the bar graph.        

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Design Studio (What If Project)

The governor of my community has asked my grade to design a park on the corner of Main St. and Elm St. Which is a small area with a drinking fountain and a few benches plus an 11 space parking lot. There is 3 different design studios in my grade, one with each teacher. We have been working on the “What If” project for about 2 weeks now. We have to design the park for all ages and it has to have some sort of water feature for our community to interact with. We have gone to Hayworth and Disher Design. They helped us come up with designs for the corner of Main and Elm St which is Heritage Square. We have to have the park accessible to special needs. Our design group is competing with the other 2 groups in our grade so I am not aloud to share any ideas that my design group came up with.

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My Egyptian Museum

In my Egyptian Museum we made a temple, a pharaohs head, a tomb that the mummy would lay in, a poster explaining social structure and  another poster about writing and hieroglyphics.My favorite part about making the museum was getting to make all the interactive stuff explaining all the different sections like social structure, government, writing, religion,  stable food supply, arts and more. I read a book called “The Egypt Game” by Zalpha Keatly Snyder. It was about this girl named April who moved to the upper part of California and lived with her grandma as her mom was in the lower part of California making a movie. And there is the professer and works at this A to Z shop that is this run down store selling used items. There are 2 girls that April makes when he is living with her grandma and their names are Elizabeth and Melanie they be come best friends and make a big egypt game in the professors back yard.


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