Alliteration Poems

Slivering Snake

This is a snake

It lives in slushies and swamps in Switzerland on Saturdays

A snake eats sandwiches, spaghetti, and squirrels

It likes sloths, slivering, and smiling

A snake secretly entered my safe

And left me a surprise.


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Emotion Poem


Cheerful is as pink as a panther

It sounds like laughter from kids

It tastes like fresh lemonade

And smells like fresh cut grass in the summer

Cheerful looks like neon lights

It makes me feel happy

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Take 5 Poems


Sweaty, stinky

Jumping, leaping, sprinting

Gives you exercise






Cold, warm

Swimming, running, biking

Playing outside


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7A Camp Reflection 2014

Who am I?- God has made me just the way I am. I am fearfully and wonderfully made in his image. God has made everyone different, but they are just like him. Some are funny, silly, creative, and many more. God shows his creativity threw everyone. (Psalms 139:14). For my visual for who I am is three crosses because Jesus died on the cross to save our sins. Even though we still sin day after day he forgives us.


Who are we?- When God places hard times in our lives like cancer or death we don’t know what to do. We ask God why we have to go threw this. There is always a reason for it even it it means someone is suffering from a loved one or if someone is really sick. (Matthew 22:37-39) For my visual for who are we is a heart because God has a heart for everyone even if they aren’t Christians, and he also heals us from losing a family or friend.


Who is he?- God is my preparer, protector, and my comforter. He comforts me when I need comforting, he protects me when I’m in harm, and he prepares food and a warm house for my family, and jobs that pay money to buy clothes and food. (Matthew 6:31-34) For my visual for who is he is a shirt, grapes, and a house because God prepares clothes for us, he prepares food so we don’t starve, and he also prepares warm houses in the winter and cooled housed in the summer.

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