Africa Entry Event

I thought it was interesting how some of the people lived. One person had scars on their faces. In their country it was some sort of fashion. I realized how different our lives our than other people on the other side of the world. I learned many different things about people in Africa. It was amazing how some African Americans were from Chicago, Illinois or other parts of the United States and looked like they were from Africa. And also it there was a few white people who looked like americans but really were Africans. Another thing that was kind of cool was the fashion and what they did to not be made fun of or to impress others. A lot of people wore dresses with fabric belts and cloaks around their heads. I want to learn more about the food they eat and places they live. It really changed my perspective on how many Christians there were and little amount of Muslims. I was also changed how few people had access to a sewer system in Africa. There was just a small percent how many people had access to a computer. It really made me think of how lucky I am to have those things.

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Synonym Poem

Sour, sweet, yummy, scrumptious
Eat to much and you’ll be sick


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Clerihew Poem

Elise Ter Haar
While running with her new shoes
May have gotten runners foot
After running a 5k.


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Concrete Poem

Photo on 4-15-14 at 8.31 AM

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Metaphor Poem

My family is a pizza

My dad is the dough because its sticky and keeps our family close together

I am the sauce because I bring the flavor to our family

My mom is the toppings because no one is alike they are all different one of a kind like her

Supreme_pizza   images


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Bio Poem


Who is Grandchild of Don Anderson

Who is adventurous, happy, and silly

Who loves family, friends, and skiing

Who dislikes chicken

Who is afraid of needles, small spaces, and giant spiders

Who likes running, swimming, and biking

Who would like to visit Africa, ski a double black diamond, and run a marathon

Who got first place in a 5k

Who lives in Zeeland Michigan

Ter Haar


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