Thoughts on Bowling

Yesterday November 11, 2014 my 8th grade class when bowling. We had lots of fun coming up with fun ways to bowl. For example we did a fun round where each different match was a new fun way. One why were did was about half of my grade (about 20-25 people) lined up and spread their feet apart and someone pushed the bowling ball threw all of our legs on to the lain. Another fun one my team did was we laid on the ground and pushed the bowling ball onto the lane. I got a strike that way!! Our team ended up doing fairly well but not A+ well. Everyone wants to win, but we are always winning in God’s eyes. This is a picture with some of my friends when we were bowling.


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Jesus’ Crucifixion

The past few weeks we learned about Jesus’ Crucifixion. And the last seven words of Jesus Our teacher put up 7 posters, each one for each verse. Each different poster had either compassion, trust, obedience, humanity, hope, forgiveness, completion. My whole grade reflected on how we could to each of these things for others out side of our school. Jesus said all of these things leading to him dying on the cross.

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Math Problems–Ratios, Rates, and Unit Rates

The past couple of weeks I learned how to solve equation problems using ratios, rates, and unit rates.

Question- (Try to solve with out looking at the answer.)

While Elise is running, she runs 150 in two minutes. What is her average speed per minute?

Answer- (Did you get it right?)
How to solve…

150 divided by 2 = 75 steps per minute. Elise can run 75 steps per minutes!

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