Spaghetti Egg Tower

This is my groups spaghetti tower. As you see it didn’t turn out very well. Our diagram was a little different than what out actual tower turned out to look liker. Our tower was supposed to me 40 cm tall but collapsed on the last day so now it is only 22 cm. Our spaghetti tower is made up of spaghetti sticks and marshmallows. Now we are going to put our tower on a “earthquake” with an egg sitting on the top to see if our tower will pass the test. The “earthquake” machine is made out of wood and rubber bands.

Photo on 12-15-14 at 12.42 PM #2

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The Holy Spirit

All the gifts the we have gotten have been given my God. There is nothing greater than than his gifts given to mankind. The Holy Spirit is a gift giver. He blesses us with things that we don’t always need. For example non of us need the newest update for iPhones or the latest fashion. But the Holy Spirit blesses us with things that we don’t always need like uncountable blessing. The Holy Spirit builds into our lives love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. That is the greatest most powerful gift I could ever receive.

Each time I introduce the Holy Spirit it is he not it. The Holy Spirit is a real person who came to reside within Jesus. Nothing is greater than the presence of him. God is one being made up of three distint persons the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Each Trinity shares the same substance of God. All three of them have a unique role in my life. 

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